More than twins anyone?


I was wondering if we have any triplet moms to be here? Would like to have someone I can relate to :slight_smile:


You betcha! It’s hard to find a place to “fit in” when you’ve got 3 buns in the oven. Congratulations on your little ones! I’m almost 23 weeks and I have been off work for 2 weeks.


It is kinda hard to fit in. Im just over seven weeks and totally in the dark about what to expect. So you are at 23 weeks and on bed rest? Im already starting to show I would imagine by the end of this Ill be pretty big :slight_smile: I am so excited!


I’m on a modified bed rest. I don’t absolutely have to stay in the bed all day, but I have to keep my feet up and rest as much as I can. Some days, though, I feel like laying in bed all day. My doc told me that 20 to 28 weeks was the most vulnerable time because you don’t want to go into pre-term labor. I’m a bit freaked out about that, so I’m just taking it super easy.

I started out overweight, so I didn’t show forever, then all of a sudden one day I just kinda of popped out!

I’ve got a couple of other triplet mom’s that live in my area so I’ve been able to get advice from them. The advice they gave me was good. From early on they all told me to sit as much as possible. Cervix preservation is the key to a long triplet pregnancy, and they said it was best to start early.

Have you started getting morning sickness at all? Mine hit hard around 8 weeks and didn’t let up until well into the 2nd trimester. Now, if I eat too much at one time I still throw up.

If you have any questions let me know, I’ll be happy to help where I can! Good luck to you!


Yeah I do have a question for ya. I was taken off pio at five weeks and was a little worried about it. When I went in for my us my RE advised I could take the pio at any time if I felt like I needed to. I felt a little bit crampy (not bad at all) I decided to take 1/2 cc last night and woke up this morning to brown spotting (sorry tmi) this is really freaking me out. I hope I dont lose one. Did you ever have symptoms like this?

No morning sickness yet just a feeling a little car sick once in a while, Im almost to 8 weeks and most people say it kicks in then.


I know every RE is different, but mine told me I would continue Progesterone until the placentas took over…which is somewhere between 12 and 14 weeks I believe. I changed to an OB at 10 weeks, and he told me that progesterone is not only helpful in maintaining a pregnancy in the beginning but it also helps avoid premature labor, so I’ve been taking the suppositories the entire time.

I guess I said all that to say this. If I were you, and with your doctors permission I’d continue it. It just another one of those things that helps with peace of mind.

Spotting. In the beginning I spotted almost every weekend. I called the doctors office each time and they didn’t seem too excited about it because it was old blood. They also told me that because I have triplets it was more common. Each time I spotted I spent the duration on the couch with my feet elevated. I was also advised not to “put anything up there besides the progesterone.” So, needless to say this has been a sex free pregnancy.

I completely understand the worrying part…and honestly I don’t think you’ll ever stop. I went from worrying about miscarriage to worrying about preterm labor. I just have to pray a lot and ask God to take my worries away, and remind myself that these are God’s babies before they are mine.

I’ll keep you in my prayers!


Thank you! Knowing that someone else knows what Im going through helps more than I can say. I think I will continue the progesterone daily until week 12 or 13. Thank you again for easing my mind. I am of the strong belief that God has gotten me this far and I know He is in control. I may be coming back at ya with more questions.


Hi Girls-
Try visiting
You can get tons of great advice there. My trips are now 2 years old. I was never on bedrest…but everyone is different. Good luck with your pregnancies!