Morning sickness remedies


Just wondering if anyone has had luck with any remedies for morning sickness. I’m so happy to finally be :preg: , but I’m having extreme food aversion and bouts of nausea that come and go all day. Last time I was pregnant I lost 11 lbs. over 17weeks until my m/c and was MISERABLE the entire time. Trying to make this a different pregnancy experience (in more ways than one!)…



call your doctor and ask for a Rx of Zofran (get the generic though cause it is a very expensive drug!). It is the only thing that helped me…

ginger and stuff, you can try it but I couldn’t stand it. I did find keeping saltines nearby and eating one if I hadn’t eaten in the past hour helped some.

congrats on your pregnancy!:flower:


Thanks, Jen! Turns out I had the stomach flu - ugh!


I actually found that the zofran didn’t work as well for me as Compazine, a suppository (which is good when nothing stays down).
Hope you’re feeling better!


Reglan. Do not pass go or collect $200. Get it and then be so annoyed you suffered at all before!! Zofran made mine worse and I ended up at hosp at 11 wks wanting to die. Reglan also makes you regular! : ) I had zero side effects and it provides relief within 2 mins.