Morphology norm?


My husband has had two sperm analyses each done by dif RE and the first the RE just said your SA is normal. Our RE we are seeing now and doing sept IVF cycle with gave us each of the results and his SA everything was either normal or above average except for Morphology, my RE said his is at 4% and they like it to be at 5% and we may need to do ICSY with our IVF cycle but the endocrinologist would decide with the sample she gets on the day of ER.
I just wondered what others have been told “normal” morphology" is?


It depends on the scale they use. For her to be saying 5, my guess it that is the strict Kruger scale. I think anything above 4 is normal, but I’m not sure


Oh ok thanks for the reply I just wondered, I was a little disappointed when he said that, I didnt want any “strikes” against us


My clinic uses the strict Kruger scale, and even they vary from doc to doc on what they think is okay. My DH’s numbers were 7% last year and the doc we saw suggested we move right to IUI because that number was “so low.” We saw another doctor later in the year and he said the opposite…7% is considered fine and IUI would be a waste of money. He ended up being right. We did IVF due to my own personal issues and all 10 of my 10 eggs fertilized (we opted not to do ICSI, either), so my DH’s swimmers were just fine. He has a very high count, though, so that may counteract the morph. Hope you find success soon!!


My DH has always had a morph of 2%-5%, At 2% we were told IVF w/ ICSI was our only hope. But we took some time and i put him on tons of good vitamins and got it up to 5%. It was then we were told we could give IUI a shot. We did, 7 times. And 5 of those were losses. Some say morph isn’t important but some say it is. But if i knew what i knew now we would have jumped to IVF sooner rather than later.


The morphology percentage on its own isn’t that helpful. What matters is the actual number of viable sperm. You need to multiply Sperm Count * Morphology % * Motility %. I think doctors are looking for at least 175K (I can’t remember the number so that’s a guess – your reproductive endocrinologist will know).

I know somebody whose husband had only 2% morphology and motility was below average as well. But because his sperm count was so crazy high that it all worked out!


Thanks for your replies, His count was i want to say 120mil or somthing like that so maybe that will make up for it, Our IVF lab includes ICSY for up to 10eggs for the one price that we paid but I was hoping we wouldnt need it. But missingmy#2: what type of vitamins was your DH taking to get it up? Mine is just taking b12 and vit c & e


I put him on a good multivitamin, maca root, zinc, vitamin c… he was also on 50mg daily clomid because of his Low T which was given to him by his urologist. Also, we made sure he released atleast every 4 days. With morph issues, releasing more helps also.


Oh! well thanks for this info I did read up on it but nothing I found was very clear about what specific things to do