Moving frozen embryos to a new lab


[FONT=Century Gothic]We just had a failed ivf cycle which resulted in an early m/c. Due to the emotional trauma I have been through over the past year I decided to switch clinics and start fresh. We will be doing a fresh cycle but have 2 frozen embryos from my last cycle. Just looking to see if anyone had their embryos moved from one lab to another. They are only like 10miles away from each other. Is there any risk to the embryos? Does the lab typically transport them or we would have to? I will call on Monday to ask but in the mean time I was hoping to get some feedback on here. Any feedback is greatly appreciated![/FONT]



Sorry for your loss. Yes, I had my embryos transferred (internationally). Usually, you have to make all the arrangements and contact a specific company who does embryo transportation, there is at least one that I know of. You also need approval from both clinics that the transportation will take place. Neither clinic will be liable for the embryos. I’m going to start fresh at a new clinic this Nov, with a frozen embryo transfer. My 1st u/s to check the lining is on Monday. The embies should be fine for the move, and 10miles is so close. I had to have mine moved, because now we live in US, and it was really too much of a hassle for me to fly back and forth for 19hrs just to do the transfer. Plus here they can monitor me more closer. Good luck.


Thanks for the reply!!! Good luck on your next cycle!

Hoping to hear from someone who has had to have frozen embryos moved locally.


We just moved our embryos from one lab to another (about 5 miles away). The lab that we were moving them to just loaned us a dry shipper, we took it to the old lab, they loaded them up in about 5 minutes and we took them to the new lab. It cost us nothing to do this. We just needed to sign forms and both my husband and I needed to be present to sign for the transfer.


we moved our embryo from a couple states away… no issues. There was a company that did it - the Labs were the ones that coordinated it all. Think it cost us about $350.


I am coordinating my move now…jsut filled out paperwork at the new and old RE-I have to move them myself. New lad gives us a tank, old lab loads them up and we drop them off at new lab. We thought we would have to rent a tank but tahnkfully we do not. New lab is going over all the reports now and I am waiting for my move date.


Hi, I was hoping you could tell me the name of the company you used to ship your embryos?



I used a company called Cryoport to transport them cross country. I was very pleased with their service and I think it cost me about $250 but that was a few years ago.