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The 4th IUI didn’t work and we have an appointment to meet with the RE to discuss IVF next Tuesday. Do any of you have suggestions of things that I should be asking or that I should avoid. I’m both nervous and hopefully that this will work. I keep feeling that maybe if we do IVF they may learn new information as to why the IUIs didn’t work.

How many embryos should be transfered? (I guess all these questions should be for the IVF forum…but I feel more connected to all of you).



Hi Firefly,

Sorry to hear that you had another BFN :frowning:

I’ve done some reading about IVF as I plan to go that route if Nov and Dec IUIs don’t pan out. I think you’ll get tons of great answers to your questions on the IVF board, but in the meantime, here is what I would want to know, based on things that I’m aware of at this stage:

  1. Explanation of timeline from start to transfer (this seems the most confusing thing to me!).
  2. If you can start when you’re ready, or if they have everyone going through IVF at the clinic on the same schedule.
  3. How often you’ll have to go in for monitoring/blood (can you be out of town for a few days during the process)?
  4. Restrictions on diet and exercise for you and your DH before and during.
  5. How many days do you need to take off work around retrieval and transfer?

I think with transferring 1 or more embryos part of it has to do with age - they’ll put more in for older women as they have less time and less likely that all will take. My RE prefers to transfer 1 in most cases, so definitely good to ask your RE what they do.

Also good to know procedures for freezing embryos (cost etc) and what freezing method they use (apparently can make a difference in their chances of being defrosted successfully or not).

Hmmm…I thought I had more questions than that but can’t really think of anything else at this point.

Depending on what your financial situation is of course cost could be the biggest issue, including when you pay for stuff, and if they have a discount for future cycles if this one is not successful.

Good luck, and please keep us posted on how things go.


I’m sorry for the failed cycles firefly, but I wanted to wish you a lot of luck moving forward. Hugs.


Praying for you. I know nothing about IVF either, but may soon be right there with you. At this point, all I can do is pray for you!!! It is exciting and scary, huh?