Moving or Moved to a Mandated State?


I’ve seen a few posts on this forum as well as others about moving to a mandated state to seek insurance for infertility coverage. I have also noted that there are many pitfalls and loopholes to look out for within these states including self-insured companies, companies with religious affiliations, companies with less than 25 employees, ensuring you maintain insurance to avoid the dreaded “pre-existing condition” clause, as well as potential waiting periods for infertility benefits with individual health plans.

I think we can all agree that the insurance question is a nightmare of confusion, so I don’t really want to go into that with this thread.

What I would like to know is if anyone on the forum has actively moved in order to seek “greener pastures” for coverage. I have the following questions:[LIST=1]
[]Where did you move to?
]What were pitfalls you discovered before, during and after moving?
[*]How did you negotiate/manage the subtle art of asking about insurance coverage from potential employers?[/LIST]My DH and I are VERY seriously considering moving to Massachusetts (he has family there) from Arizona to seek better opportunities for coverage and I’d love to hear about and from others who’ve shared this experience.

Thank you for sharing your stories!