Multiple retrievals before a transfer?


has anyone had many retrivals before a transfer?


[QUOTE=lbzg]has anyone had many retrivals before a transfer?[/QUOTE]

Never heard of anyone actually having multiple retrievals first UNLESS the first one failed. However, I can think of a number of reasons why it might be justified if you intend on having multiple successful pregnancies through IVF.


Do you mean yourself personally or that the RE has multiple retrievals before your transfer? Just wanted to make sure we’re responding correctly. I’m with Damien that I haven’t heard of that happening with a single patient. But my RE has all their retrievals scheduled first thing in the morning with their transfers starting at noon after all those are done.


I have heard of several women having multiple retrivals and then freezing. Some are doing PGD and want to get as many embryos as possible prior to doing the testing. Most of the time they freeze at the fertilized egg stage and then let them grow out together. Is this what your referring to? Its typically when they don’t get many eggs and want more than one retrieval to get more eggs.


That would be my case. I was going to do PGD but ended up with mostly immature eggs=unable to fertilize. Besides my P4 level was too high to transfer each time. RE tweaked protocols, and on my third cycle I ended up with 4 blastocysts. But I opted out of PGD at the end, I was simply afraid of having all aneuploids. I ended up going through three cycles most likely due to my age, but I sure didn’t expect this at the beginning. Good luck!


I am doing two retrivals and then FET. My eggs were frozen from the first retrival and I will be having antother ER this month where all eggs will be fertilized. Then will be doing a FET next month. This is due to diminised ovarain reserve.