My 2ww anyone expirence this before?


So I have been taking 1000mg metformin symptom free for two months all of a sudden I’m getting these period like cramps (the kind that kinda warn you that something is going on down there) I rush to the bathroom and NOTHING… is the met trying to bring on my period?? AF isnt due for a few more days and I’m toward the end of my 2ww anyone expirence this before??? any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Hello! I have had some of the same symptoms as you! I have been ovulating every month, usually I only feel a twinge on one side of my lower and with almost zero PMS before AF shows her ugly head. I get some breakouts and sore boobs a couple of days before, but that’s it. This month though, I did have extremely sore nipples (just nips) a couple days after ovulation. I read somewhere that this could be due to implantation perhaps. Now, I am day 31, with some light cramps like AF is due but for more than a week (I have called them “stirrings” because they are different than typical AF cramps like you described). My boobs are heavy but not sore at all. I am tired and pee frequently. I do have some lower back pain and left sided back of neck area soreness. Even my elbow joints feel ache, which I read somewhere could be a sign too. No nausea though. I am not sure what to think. I stopped doing my vag readings because it was stressing me out, all the anticipation. Could I really make myself feel all these things because I really want to be pregnant now? Yet am afraid to test all together.


Hi there. Unfortunately, symptoms are not a reliable indicator of success after ET. Not only they vary from woman to woman. but also from pregnancy to pregnancy. In other words, perhaps the fact that this time around you might be noticing different symptoms is a positive sign. Let’s wait and see what happens this time around. GL to you, ladies.


Was in my second 2ww. Eeeeek, Nervous wreck. The past 6 days had been surreal. I guess you’re experiencing the same now. It’s like living in low level anxiety 24 hrs a day. Creeping in on my sleep even. EC we got 12 eggs, 7 of which fertilised. The first couple of days post EC were horrendous. I definitely though OHSS was kicking in but I was v backed up (TMI sorry) so prune juice to the rescue and within 24 hrs I had improved. We definitely had 2 ready to implant and hopefully another few embies ready to be frozen. TWW buddies were of a huge need though…What I want to say, symptoms may differ a lot. For some those are AF like crampings, headaches, tiredness, sickness, sore boobs, etc. For others - just no symptoms at all. But I do know ladies who experienced nothing during 2ww and got their bfp!! Nature’s so madly cruel and tricky – we cannot really relay on…you have to be strong and wait. I’m praying for your luck. So that soon you could annnounce some good news of yours. All the very best.


You’re right. After the embryo transfer, one can resume her normal daily activities. However, ovaries may still be enlarged. Consider avoiding vigorous activity, which could cause discomfort.
Typical side effects include: Passing a small amount of clear or bloody fluid shortly after the procedure. it’s due to the swabbing of the cervix before the embryo transfer. Breast tenderness due to high estrogen levels. Mild bloating. Mild cramping. Constipation. It’s advisable, if you develop moderate or severe pain after the embryo transfer, contact your doctor. He or she will evaluate you for complications such as infection, twisting of an ovary and severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.


I should say that the embryo transfer is a fairly easy procedure. It is similar to a pap smear. It is much simpler than the retrieval!! You will probably not have too much discomfort or many side effects from the procedure. On the day of your ET, the lab experts will grade your embryos. They’ll select the most viable one/ones for transfer. The embryo grading system starts with A being the highest quality and F being the lowest quality. Here please don’t be overly concerned with the grade of yur embryos!! C grade embryos are the most common. while embryos with an A grade are much more rare. (We used donor egg for ivf at bio texcom clinic. They guarantee at least 3 A grade embie for the ET.)
Also take it easy after your transfer. There are different opinions about how long you should be flat on your back following the ET. Your doctor should give you directions on this. Because you will be flat on your back for a long period of time, your back will likely become very sore. Ask your doctor whether it is okay to take Tylenol or another medication to help ease this pain.
Post-Transfer. 1. Do not jump to conclusions on your pregnancy status based on your side effects!! Many of the shots you’ve taken and procedures you’ve undergone, in addition to the progesterone shots you’ll continue to take, may cause symptoms similar to those of pregnancy.
2. Try to stay distracted! Just to make the wait pass more quickly. Again, frequent movie/date nights, dinners out, or reading are good options to keep your mind off of the upcoming pregnancy test. Don’t push yourself physically; enjoy taking a break from physical activity.
3. Don’t take a home pregnancy test!! At least earlier than before your scheduled blood test. The trigger shot contains the same hCG hormone that is detected with pregnancy tests, and taking a home test before the blood test can result in both false positives and false negatives!! Avoid this stress by avoiding an early test.
I hope this helps.