My Baby Can Read


Has anyone used this program or heard anything positive about it. My mom was thinking of getting this for my son’s christmas present. I really do not want her spending the money if people did not like it.


Hi…we bought it for my step daughter’s son. He was 6 months when he started…she was very diligent about using it and she said she felt for the $$ that you can do it on your own. He wasn’t very interested in the videos. She said they did not keep him interested. She said Seaseme Street teaches the same but in a more “up to date” manner…I hope this helps.


there was a big study on this . they say it isnt worth it … my dd learns more on super why

Experts: ‘Your Baby Can Read’ claims overblown - Money -


I’ve also heard (and I was a teacher) that it is purely memorization and it can actually hurt the child’s ability to decode letters and sounds when actually learning to read. Not sure if that is correct though…just a thought. My daughter has learned a TON from Sesame Street!


I was also thinking about purchasing the your baby can read program…glad to hear that its not worth it. For those who suggest Sesame street for learning…how old was your child when they started watching? My LO is just over a year and she really doesn’t pay attention to TV just yet (with the exception to commercials).


My step-grandson is 20 months now…he is limited to about 2 hours a day, but I’m pretty sure he started watching at about 11 months or so. My LO is 11 months next week and he too watches about 2 hours a day…he loves Elmo…if he is in another room and hears his voice he goes running (well crawl running) into the room.


My kid acted like she wasn’t pay much attention to the TV, but she was listening. She really didn’t sit down and watch TV, but she could recite parts of a DVD.
Now, on the baby can read program, IMHO, it looked good on TV, but I didn’t want to have it for DD. I’ve read in one of the baby/toddler books that it is okay to teach babies/toddler a lot but they eventually be at the same level of kids that would learn at a latter age. I wanted my kid to learn through play, and the baby can read program looked to me like too much work and not fun for a small child. Just my humble opinion:p


Your child will learn all this from reading and singing to them on a daily basis. Kids learn from playing with them not from watching tv. There is no benefit of tv until they are at least 2 years old and then it should be very limited. They recommend no more than 1 hour a day for a child of any age.


I thought about that program and really feel that I could do about the same with regular flash cards. Blaine is only 19 months and loves his books but, I don’t see him reading anytime soon.
I plan on doing some preschool activities with him through out the day this year when he is closer to two. Its really just to give him some structured play time to get him ready for homeschooling.


Our inlaws purchased the program for our 7 1/2 month old. I had researched it and spoke to my mother who is a reading specialist for grades K-5 about the program. Everything I read was contridicting so I decided to try it out and here is what I found:
If your child doesn’t like to watch TV then it is a waste however if your child is like mine (we have to keep the TV off when he is in the room since he is mesmorized by it) and will watch whatever is on then he/she will most likely find it entertaining.
The program is a good basis for reading BUT it is only a basis. You MUST use the program in the suggested mannor and back up with phonics, reading, and interaction with your child. Do not expect to sit your child in front of the TV and have them reading when the program is over.
You prbably can do the same thing at home with a video camera and flash cards but the set is very nicely put together and structured making it simple to use.

My overall opinion is that if my son is going to sit infront of the TV for 15 min (the length of the core part of the DVD) then I want it to be purposefull. He already has learned to clap and wave from watching the DVD. So, it works for him on this level. He really does like to watch it.
My hope is that this program will give him a positive outlook on reading and learning and if he does learn to read early then that is great. Mainly, I want him to be familar and confident with reading when he is older.

It isn’t for everyone but that holds true with any method of teaching. Not every child will learn in the same mannor.


I’d rather spend the money on books. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no television for children under two years of age. If you can hold out, that’s great; but I know very few people for whom this is the case. That being said, I think a little “Sesame Street” can be a good thing. Without it, I would never have time to shower in the mornings. :slight_smile: My two year-old daughter has been watching “Sesame Street” since she was about 13 or 14 months old and I agree that it’s helped her with her letters and numbers. I find it to be useful when I need to be doing something else – showering, making dinner, etc. – and need my daughter to sit still for a little bit. It’s also incredibly helpful on long plane rides. At this point, however, I wouldn’t necessarily schedule time for her to watch TV so she can learn from it.