My beta today way more than doubled and I am nervous...please HELP!


Hi guys,
Here I am again asking for advice/experiences!! I had my first beta on Oct 31st (which was 10dp5dt) and it came back at 149 (btw we did a single embryo transfer) My second Beta was Nov 1st (11dp5dt) and it came back at 235.4, I had another one done today Nov 5th for peace of mind because I having alot of cramping and low back pain and it came back at 1557.4. Based on a 48 hour doubling time I would be around 940 today. I have heard ALOT of things about HCG NOT doubling but I don’t know what an HCG quant that is More than doubling means. I know that HCG can do weird things when you have an ectopic. I know that because I have had two…I don’t have my tubes left but my RE said that even though my tubes are gone…there are still little stubs where an embryo can implant. Anyway I hope someone has a similar situation that they can relate!!


It didn’t criss your mind that you might have twins:)? There are cases where the embryo splits. When is your ultrasound?


I think the biggest issue with high betas is when they are SUPER, out of control high. I know those can be a sign of molar/ectopics. If it makes you feel any better, I transferred one embryo back in April. My beta was in the 300s at 9dp5dt and in the 900s two days later at 11dp5dt…it more than tripled. We are due in 2 months with what appears to be a very healthy, active singleton! I’ve heard that strong betas at this point are a sign of a very healthy pregnancy, so try and enjoy that. I can understand your hesitancy to celebrate after your history of ectopics, but I think this is all just good news for you!! Best wishes!!


Cosmo…I didn’t even think about the embryo splitting, I wonder how common that is!! Francesca…that does make me feel better!! I feel like the trauma of my two ectopic pregnancies is robbing me of the excitement of this time! They were both very horrible experiences…both ruptured after having multiple methotrexate shots that were supposed to “dissolve” the pregnancies according to my Doctor and they both kept growing and were the sizes of softballs when they were finally removed. I am almost bled to death both times. I spotted with both which is not happening with this pregnancy but I still feel so nervous to get my hopes up that things might actually work out. Glad to see your success story with your pregnancy!! I bet you can’t wait to see your little babies sweet face! Thanks for the comments…I just wish someone could knock me out until my ultrasound on Nov 18th!!


I think your fine and you should be happy. Your beta is not high enough to worry about molar and high enough you shouldn’t be worried about etopic! Just try and enjoy the time and remember your pregnant! Congrats and good luck! Also, I have read (and my beta’s support) girls are higher than boys as far as betas go! My DD was high, and this one I am expecting in a few months was only 50 at 9dp5dt which had me worried but it doubled and its a boy!


Hi I just wanted to say congrats! I hope your little bean brings you a ton of smiles Nov 18th!