My BFP Story


I haven’t been on here in a while…thought I would come back to share my :bfp:story and possibly give hope to others!

As you see in my sigi, after years of TTC and several losses, I had DD1 in Jan of 2011. Once my AF returned 6 months post partum, we started TTC again and got pregnant almost right away without really trying. Unfortunately that resulted in a m/c. Then had few more losses and battled LPD as well as MIA AF for 18 months.

Fast forward to Christmas. I got my AF. Ugh. I was supposed to take Femara and do IUI that cycle. However, DH and I both got very sick. I took Femara two days, but then contacted RE and said taking cycle off as just too sick with upper respiratory infections. Instead I downed large quantities of Gypsy Cold Care Tea (warning with cinnamon and ginger), Emergen-C (also good for TTC), and took warm baths in effort to feel better. One day I had EWCM, so despite being sick DH and I BDed. 7 days later my back was killing me. I only get when pregnant. Took a Walmart 88 cent non-early result test and to our shock :bfp:!!! It was 2 days before my DD’s 2nd birthday! We kept testing with HPTs (already was on prometrium) and they were getting darker and darker. I never get BFPs at 7 DPO but guess early implanter. At 12 DPO, I went in for beta test (I waited as history of loss). Had 14 blood tests in first trimester and have had 13 u/s this pregnancy thus far as so high risk! EDD is 9/28/13. Currently 27 1/2 weeks along. It is another girl and she is beautiful! I go every other week now for u/s to monitor growth (I have two uteri so fear is IUGR and PTL like had with DD - intrauterine growth restriction and preterm labor). Been rough pregnancy as had a large subchorionic hematoma that bled soooooo heavily! Thought had a m/c many times!!! But soon have my sweet baby girl in my arms!

What I think Helped Us:

We weren’t really trying cycle it happened…proof it only takes once! I don’t think the EOD method of BDing worked for us as DH needed more time to build up good sperm count. I think the once with fertile signs worked for this reason. I would recommend BDing at least twice though to be covered.

Used Preseed.

I was doing warming methods of TCM (baths, cinnamon, and ginger) and though I was taking as sick, also a benefit to TTC!


No caffeine (too sick to drink coffee)

Lots of warm beverages and water

Did not chart or OPK = less stress

Femara - didn’t take all of script as I mentioned, but guess was enough. Maybe the full dose didn’t work in past as lowered my E2 too much and lining too thin.

Took only 18 months this time for a sticky :bfp:. I know ONLY, right?! But I was told by previous RE that I would never be a mom. Here #2 is on her way! I am 27 1/2 weeks right now. She is in my belly and feels like she is wild child doing a jig. Do not ever lose hope!!! I know TTC is depressing and it is a grief process. I will never “get over” TTC and IF. But one can rejoice in miracles. Don’t be afraid to find a new doctor or to try something new. Sometimes maybe don’t try at all.

BABY DUST!!! :babydust:


Wonderful story!

Here’s our story to give people hope out there. :slight_smile:

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