My doctor is terrible...looking for info on my own!


I need some help! I live in a rural area with no real options for fertility doctors. My dog gives better medical advice than my ob/gyn! He didn’t even remember what dosage of Clomid he had me on last month…they had it wrong in my medical files! SOOO…I’ve resorted to looking for information on my own. I think I may have a luteal phase defect, since my longest luteal phase in a year has been 12 days. My average is 10-11 days. I’ve been reading about using B6 pills and natural progesterone cream to lengthen my luteal phase…does anyone have experience with this? Are there negative side effects? How long do you use the cream during your cycle? If I was able to get my “doctor” to test for progesterone, when would that happen during my cycle? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


I was diagnosed with a luteal phase defect after 2.5years of fertility treatments. It was diagnosed after I did basal body charting for about 4months.

I wasn’t ready to do more treatments yet so my RE had me do ovulation predictor kits (which you can get at Wal Mart or a drug store) and then two days after ovulation begin taking the meds. she prescribed me (crinone 8% gel). After 14 days take a pregnancy test. If negative, stop taking crinone and wait for AF. If positive come in for blood work, and stay on the crinone. As was mentioned earlier you don’t want to take it before you confirm ovulation, and you don’t want to take it too soon after ovulation either (something about it affecting the egg’s travel through your tubes). My doctor was very specific about the two days after ovulating thing while we tried naturally.

On a positive note after two months of doing this DH and I did conceive naturally! I don’t know anything about natural progesterones or the B6 you mentioned, and I guess I would just really talk to your doctor before taking anything. I would want to be sure it wouldn’t do harm rather than good if you know what I mean.

As for testing for progesterone levels during your cycles, I am not sure because there were no blood tests used to diagnose my problem.
My best advice would be to do some basal body charting and after a few months show them to your doctor (or get a second opinion if you are really unhappy with your current doctor). The charts will give them a good idea as to if you are ovulating, and what is going on before and after your ovulate.

Best of luck to you! :babydust:


I just did a blood test for progesterone this week. My doctor had me go on day 22. (I don’t know if it depends on your length of cycle, as I have to take Provera to start, so I end up with a 50 day cycle…)