My embryo adoption journey


It just dawned on me, as I begin this journey, it might be helpful to some people if I share my story…
It actually started as soon as my DH and I got married(I knew there would be issues getting pregnant). After a diagnosis of pcos and borderline motility/high counts for DH we started, first clomid, several IUI’s, then IUI’s with injections (more eggs matured, but still no pregnancy). Finally in 2002 after removing one small fibroid per doctors advice we started IVF. 3 fresh cycles, one frozen cycle ( with our own extra embies) and one surrogacy using my sister - all unsuccessful.
At that time we wholeheartedly pursued domestic adoption, and brought our 5 day old son home in 2006 - best moment of our lives!
So up to current events, our son is 6, and I would love to bring home a sibling, and more than anything, would still LOVE to have a chance to experience pregnancy.
I had contacted a clinic in LA a couple of years ago to pursue embryo adoption, but had to put things on hold for a couple of years due to our son having issues at school.
I called the clinic again last fall, and luckily they had embryos available (Hispanic, which was our request, because or son is Hispanic) !
Now, thanks to my loving husband, who is willing to still give this a shot. ( we are both over 40), we are going for it!
I had to have surgery in January to remove 3 large fibroids first (ouch!) and have now initiated the legal process they require with a target date of April 21 for embryo transfer.
My mom is flying out with me to LA, apparently I will be on strict bed rest x 3 days post transfer, and need to have someone with me.
Of course I am praying this will work, this will be our last attempt at adding to our family, and I truly believe this is in god’s hands. If it doesn’t work, I don’t want it to discourage anyone following my story - everyone is different, so hang in there!


Best wishes, I’ll be looking out for your updates!


First update

Okay, a rough couple of days, but I learned a few things, so wanted to share.
My Obgyn did my surgery in January to remove the fibroids, in hindsight now I should have probably chosen a reproductive endocrinologist to do the surgery. Time was of the essence, and it was going to take 6 weeks to even be seen by an RE, let alone schedule surgery.
Anyway, follow up saline US that dr Kumar asked me to get was done yesterday. Local md that performed it saw small fibroid in posterior part of uterus, and it protrudes into the interior portion of the uterus. :frowning:
He recommended hysteroscopy to remove it ( which woul totally mess up our current timeline.
I emailed Arlene and dr Kumar last night, and left them a phone msg today. I am supposed to have the first set of bloodwork drawn today.
Dr Kumar called tonight, it took longer than I would have liked, but I appreciated that he was the one who made the call.
Bottom line, although it is less than optimal to have that small fibroid, he recommends proceeding on schedule. I am ok with these, and feel much better after talking to him.


Small update - have done 2 ultrasounds now, not too exciting. Started doing the injections twice a week (and my husband is doing a great job giving injections after a 10 year hiatus!), and Dr. Kumar’s office called friday - just to lt me know to increase the dose, easy enough. The lining isn’t very impressive yet, but it is early…
So last bloodwork and US are due this coming friday, and Mom and I fly out in two weeks…so far so good!


Tomorrow is the day!

Mom and I are settled in our LA hotel after an uneventful flight (thank goodness) from St Louis today. MD office called right after we landed, left a voicemail to remind me of the time to be there tomorrow for the transfer (which i found a little funny, because there is NO WAY i could forget the time of such an important event!!!).
Continuing the shots, hips a little sore but manageable…dr kumar added estrogen suppository last week, he wanted to beef up the lining, said last friday’s ultrasound showed it was a little low, but ok.
After transfer tomorrow i’m told 3 days of bedrest, and I think mom here is going to hold me to that, i might need permission to go to the bathroom!!! keeping fingers crossed tonight, so excited!!:pray:


Since I discovered embryo adoption, I’ve been interested in it, but I haven’t talked my husband into it yet. :slight_smile: I’m so excited for you! And I’m glad I found this thread. I will definitely be following your story. My husband and I adopted last fall, but I’m still hoping to experience pregnancy and have a biological child. Hoping all goes well for you and the little embie!


Now proud “owner” of 2 beautiful embies

So dr Kumar and his office staff are as nice in person as they have seemed on the phone. We were in the office longer than I expected, but here is why.
Dr kumar called me in the am on day of transfer, to see how many embies to thaw… I told him I was thinking 2 or 3… He was thinking 1 or 2.
So when we got there, it takes about 45 min to thaw an embie (who knew). First one looked great, second one looked ok, but not great. Dr kumar wanted to thaw one more, we agreed and waited. Unfortunately number three after thawing wasn’t even viable for transfer… Uh oh. So we thawed number four, and 45 min later number four looked the best of the bunch! So he implanted the best 2. I have pics of all the embies, and a pic of the embies in my uterus using the ultrasound!
And the waiting continues…my hips are sore…the first hcg test is may 2. :pray:


Thank you RNhokie for sharing your story with us. I am beginning the process of embryo adoption and have enjoyed reading your story so far. Wishing you a BFP in May! :bsv:


Still waiting…

Thanks Toni! Encouragement and support is always appreciated. My family and friends are super supportive, but it means even more coming from women who really understand, who have struggled with infertility…who feel like someone knocked the wind out of them when hearing a friend or family member is pregnant.

I had bloodwork drawn Friday, estradiol level and progesterone level. Nurse called back and left MSG that both levels were fine, and to continue meds at same doses. I’m a little too detail oriented to be happy with that, so I called her back and asked for numbers and rational.

I think progesterone they were looking for at least 30, and it was 70. Estradiol they want at least 150, and it was over a thousand. She basically stated these hormones contribute to the quality of the lining…she did also say the numbers COULD be high because the embryo may have already implanted. It’s hard to not get my hopes up when she says that…but it still comes down to the HCG.
Four more days!
Don’t feel very different, tired, occas. Shooting pains sometimes in uterine area, and feel a little bloated…but I think it could all be from the progesterone injections…
And the wait continues!:pray:


Yeah! 4 more days! Now I have something more to look forward to this week besides POAS on Saturday :slight_smile: What is the HCG? I’m so excited for you. Can’t wait to hear an update. And of course that phone call with the nurse got your hopes up. Your numbers sound great!!

:babydust: :bsv: :babydust:


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Your numbers sound great! Stay positive you are PUPO:) A few more days til the big test.

Sarah, it to my hubby awhile to consider embryo adoption.

I mailed the paperwork to the home study company today…very excited.
Csant wait to see your BFP RNhokie:-)


Today is the day to check first HCG

My stomach is in a knot, and I know this isn’t completely rational, but I don’t feel pregnant, or any different, so my heart is already convinced it will be negative. Haven’t given up, just basing on past experience, can’t even imagine what it’s like for a nurse to call and tell you that you are pregnant…
Blood work in a couple of hours…
Has anyone gone to have that initial HCG done, feeling completely " not pregnant"… And been wrong?
Please feel free to share your stories, it helps…:pray:



What is a pupo?


PUPO stands for Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. :slight_smile:


Any updates for us RNH? Sending :bsv: your way. I hope everything is going well!


We are thinking of you RN. Praying you got a positive :slight_smile:


I’m on the edge of my seat, too. :bsv::babydust:

It took us 3 FETs, 2 batches/6 embies to finally get our “Dino”. It’s not as automatic as you’d think, but you never know if you’ll luck out on the first try until you try.


[QUOTE=anilorak13ska]I’m on the edge of my seat, too. :bsv::babydust:

It took us 3 FETs, 2 batches/6 embies to finally get our “Dino”. It’s not as automatic as you’d think, but you never know if you’ll luck out on the first try until you try.[/QUOTE]

Anilorak! It’s so good to see you on here and see your success! I remember you from VV’s day when we were both foster parents. Congrats on your BFP!!


Hi Sarahdaisy! I see you adopted sibs last fall? How wonderful! Congrats! It’s so nice to run into folks and see that life does work itself out!


I’m really hoping that RN is not unhappy with her results and afraid to come here.

We have alllll had bfn’s over and over…we know how it feels.

Of course, I’m really hoping that her bfp is just keeping her distracted…:cross:

Where are you RN?