My FET Financial Mess Help Please


:confused: :confused: Hello everyone,
I am a married mother with two children that I concieved naturally. However, due to an ectopic pregnancy eight years ago I have not been able to become pregnant on my own. I have had two IVF procedures, and both ended in miscarriage at 6wks. I lost my job and my insurance dropped me in the middle of the last IVF. I had 4 snowbabies after the last cycle, and because my insurance didn’t pay the surgical center the entire bill I had to find another doctor. I found a doctor that AGREED to transfer all 4 snowbabies for a low cost. We (my husband & I) spoke with the dr about why we wanted to transfer all embryo’s.
1# recurrent miscarriages
2#Financial means
He agreed to transfer all 4, after we paid him, and the day before transfer, after the embryo’s were thawed he said he would only transfer 2. I forgot to mention that because the embryo’s were blastocyst he charged us another thousand dollars!
Anyway, we had to take the hand we were given and go thru the transfer. I got pregnant and miscarried six weeks later…
So, now i have these two snow babies. I wrote the dr and expressed my disappointment, and asked if he would be willing to give us a discount on another FET. He wrote back and said “I followed the standards” (BIG FAT NO!!!)
I understand that he didn’t want to take the risks, but I think it was a breech of contract. Now he is sending me bills for storage fee’s. What should I do? I really don’t want to give him another penny, but at this point I just my snowbabies back… Any ideas:grr:


That’s completely unprofessional, unethical, immoral, and every other negative word you can think of. Pardon my language but he’s a total scumbag. I would be reporting him to the medical board or authority in your state. It’s basically bait and switch. If he was uncomfortable doing all 4 then he shouldn’t have agreed.

Do you have something in writing that says that 4 will be transferred? If you do, I would get a lawyer and sue.

Good luck.