My FET Financial Mess Help Please


:confused: :confused: Hello everyone,
I am a married mother with two children that I concieved naturally. However, due to an ectopic pregnancy eight years ago I have not been able to become pregnant on my own. I have had two IVF procedures, and both ended in miscarriage at 6wks. I lost my job and my insurance dropped me in the middle of the last IVF. I had 4 snowbabies after the last cycle, and because my insurance didn’t pay the surgical center the entire bill I had to find another doctor. I found a doctor that AGREED to transfer all 4 snowbabies for a low cost. We (my husband & I) spoke with the dr about why we wanted to transfer all embryo’s.
1# recurrent miscarriages
2#Financial means
He agreed to transfer all 4, after we paid him, and the day before transfer, after the embryo’s were thawed he said he would only transfer 2. I forgot to mention that because the embryo’s were blastocyst he charged us another thousand dollars!
Anyway, we had to take the hand we were given and go thru the transfer. I got pregnant and miscarried six weeks later…
So, now i have these two snow babies. I wrote the dr and expressed my disappointment, and asked if he would be willing to give us a discount on another FET. He wrote back and said “I followed the standards” (BIG FAT NO!!!)
I understand that he didn’t want to take the risks, but I think it was a breech of contract. Now he is sending me bills for storage fee’s. What should I do? I really don’t want to give him another penny, but at this point I just my snowbabies back… Any ideas:grr:


That’s completely unprofessional, unethical, immoral, and every other negative word you can think of. Pardon my language but he’s a total scumbag. I would be reporting him to the medical board or authority in your state. It’s basically bait and switch. If he was uncomfortable doing all 4 then he shouldn’t have agreed.

Do you have something in writing that says that 4 will be transferred? If you do, I would get a lawyer and sue.

Good luck.


The biggest number of embies our clinic transfers is 3. (There haven’t been the cases of 4 ever! ) So I guess there might be some solid reasons for that. Risk of multiples–yes, but this is also a huge overall risk to mom to be!! Just imagine carying 4 at once! I’d never agree to that! But every clinic has its own standards, so IP should know what they sign up for…I’m sory this sort of unfortunate situations happen to IP at clinics. Make sure you’re treated at a reputable repro center, not a clinic which just wants to loom your money. Good luck with your cycles!


Hello, hun! I’ve happened to see such a case for the first time ever! Seems very uprofessional! Well, different clinics have different approaches. Some of them want to make ivf treatments a win-win situation. What I mean is that, for example, you sign up for 5 shots ivf. Then in case you fail to ge prego withing all those rounds they will refund you money back. And, no wonder, all the set of services is written openly, including the fees, ‘extra’ payments etc. The reputable clinic will never hide a thing from its patients! What for? As it’s working in this field and wants just more and more people to come there. So I’m totally confused with the thing you’ve faced. Seems you’ve been ‘robbed’ at least emotionally if no financially. I’m not sure what my next advice will be. But I thing there’s the point in what EP2018 says. I would really want to know how the things are going on now for you. I’m praying for your luck. And keeping you in my thoughts since now.