My first BFP! OH MY!


Well, after being tethered to my bed for the most intense cramping I have ever had, which my doctor said " my gut feeling is a corpus luteum cyst." I snuck a test a day early, to indeed find a very, very, faint :bfp: . My doctor assured me it was just to low HCG. We did a beta and it was 35. But, I am optimistic as it is only 11dpo.

11/19/10 beta 35 :cheer:


thats really nice

i am 13 dpo and tested yesterday and its was a :bfp:
i am super excited
but i tested this morning ( the urine was diulted)
and the second line was faint dont know what to say
why is it faint


Congrats!!! 35 is great for only 11dp. Enjoy your pregnancy!!! The pain is most likely from things relaxing and starting to stretch to prepare for the pregnancy to progress. I also had bad cramps at the start and I know a lot of others on here did too.

Don’t stress over the shade of the lines. Mine fluctuated daily at the start and I was freaking out too but I now have 2 beautiful daughters!!! A line is a line regardless of the depth of colour, some tests have less dye than others which will result in a lighter line and if your urine was diluted that would make it lighter still.

Congratulations to both of you! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months! :flower:


I really got upset over the line color as well. Then I just kept telling myself, at least it’s something. Best I ever had so far.

Keep us posted. As will I. Hopefully it is a step in a new direction.:cheer: :cheer:


Thanks for the encouragement Sara. I had another day in bed due to cramping. I thought when you got pregnant you got a BREAK! I am a pretty tough cookie too, I just had gallbladder surgery and didn’t have to take pain meds. NOW I am a big wimp.


Beat on cycle day 29 was 116!!! Things are looking up.