My first IUI and i’m nervous


I am worried and trying to stay hopeful. I went in for my CD13 u/s and there was only 2 follies one at 19 and one 16 (he said almost 17) he had me take another injection of hmg last night and trigger this morning. We had 6 above 17 last time and :bfn:. So i’m scared this one will not work with only one. He also said we should do IUI since we really only have one good one. So we are going in for that tomorrow. I’m wondering what to expect? What can i do to help? should we BD tonight or will that lower the counts for tomorrow? My doc didn’t say. This will be my first IUI and i’m nervous. This will be our last shot because we are out of money. :pray: for a lucky little bean.


IUI have been painless for me. I didn’t feel a thing. I’ve never been pregnant with IUI but it is something my insurance would cover. Do you have insurance?


We have insurance but it does not cover any fertility at all. We have been paying out of pocket and we have used everything we have.


With the size of your follies, you will have 2 in play. My RE says any follie 15 or over can have an egg. I actually got triplets from 3 follies sized 18, 17 and 15. Depending on the last time yall BD’d tonight could be good or bad. If its been atleast 2-3 days since the last i think your ok. If its been longer than that tonight might actually be better to get the old sperm out. I have had 7 IUI’s and all were painless. Its actually a pretty simple process. Goodluck!


My last IUI I had 1 at 19 and 3 at 15 and got pregnant with twins. One of the twins didn’t make it past 6 weeks, but there was an egg in there! I think your chances are as good as they would have been with a follie a bit larger.


Thanks for all the positive notes. My doc has always told me I needed them to be 18. I’m really excited to here 15. That makes me feel so much better about this cycle. Thanks again!