My first iui done


I had an hsg a couple months ago, and had my first iui on the 14th. Later that night the cramps were horrible, I woke up fine, and felt normal for the next few days, about 2 days ago I have not been able to hold down food, creamy looking stuff makes me want to barf, im so tired, so dizzy,I feel like I just got off of a ride at the fair,and on top of that today I have been crying a lot. Oh let me add that I’m on no medication, the infertility issue isn’t with me, it’s my husband’s so sperm count. Oh, I’m super anxious and really hot, I also feel like I could have a cold, maybe that’s it and I’m thinking too far.:grr:


Hopefully is signs of pregnancy!!! good luck to you! one more week before you can confirm a BFP.