My first smiley face


So after having a DD through IVF because of our unexplained IF and then a successful FET that ended in m/c in Spetember, DH and I decided to make the most of our break months and spend the money on an OPK. I did it for a month before my FET but didn’t read the directions well enough and so used first morning urine and never got the :). This month I tried to read and follow the directions and I got it. Yay! I knew from tracking BBT and from the many ultrasounds I’ve had that I ovulate regularly, but there’s something really awesome about actually seeing the LH surge and knowing we can actually time IC. This’ll probably be our last chance for a natural BFP before starting on BCPs for IVF #2 so DH better get ready to :dance: all weekend :woohoo: .




That’s great news! I’m hoping you can skip the IVF next month. Good luck.