My insurance said they would cover my injectables,


Well, I had high hopes. This was my first month on injectables, and I OVULATED! I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy, I was thinking, well if I don’t get pregnant right away at least I know that it’s possible to ovulate. I will know in a few short days if I am pregnant or not, today is 10dpo, but I have really really bad AF like cramps, so I’m guessing that it didn’t happen. Now, today I also found out, that my insurance who said they would cover my injectables, oh yeah they “covered” it, but my deductible is going to be 100%. WHAT?! I can’t believe this. That doesn’t even make sense to me. But what can you do… SO, I owe $1,301.80 on everything from this cycle. I can’t afford that. I can’t afford any future cycles at that price either.

Now, I don’t know if there are any ladies on here who are on a break, and if there’s a better section to post this please let me know. But how do you cope with that? I don’t want to have to take a break, but if this cycle doesn’t work, I am going to HAVE to take a break for financial reasons. It breaks my heart and I just don’t know what to do. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through and I’m just so frustrated.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s great there’s so much funding for parents in need. But there’s allllllll this money (from the government and charities) going to people that have children and can’t afford them. Yet there’s nothing for women who could responsibly raise a child and just can’t afford the infertility treatments. Life really is unfair, isn’t it?


Kriss, I think we all feel that way! While in my car just before the holidays, I saw 3 teens/early 20s smoking with the windows up and a baby in the carseat between them. Somehow, I doubt those parents ever sufferred from infertility! And I suspect that taxpayers are paying for this child!

As for costs, I think we all have our thresholds. And frankly, most of us go beyond what we initially planned to spend…if we can find any way. While we do have money in my business, my husband and I have both taken second jobs and scaled back our lifestyles to help with our incomes. If our upcoming cycle doesn’t work, we will have to take a break for about 18 months as I just can’t see placing my entire business/career in danger by taking out more money. We will just save and decide how much more we are willing to put ourselves through in the future…

Infertility is an interesting process, as each step often “reveals” another problem. We’ve learned that each problem costs more…though we were never in the clomid/metformin, IUI group. We have amazing health insurance, but have still managed to spend about $5000 this year and anticipate around $18,000 above our insurance in 2012.

Hang in there! I have no idea as to our future, but know that we are giving our next round our best shot! Sometimes, I feel like my money would be better placed on a Roultette table in Vegas…but if it works, our dreams will come true! Best wishes to you!


Wow, I could have written your EXACT post!! Just did my first cycle on injections and am currently waiting to see if I am preggo. I should know very soon either way. I HATE the waiting part!!!

We have 50% coverage on our insurance, but still ended up paying around $1,800 this cycle. If this cycle doesn’t work, I am out of IUI coverage. I have had 6 now, and my insurance only allows 6 in a lifetime. :grr: So we are in the same boat. If I am not preggo, then we will be forced to take a break. I am thinking with 2 years of disappointment every single cycle…I’ve hit my breaking point. Enough is enough…but it completely breaks my heart.

Good luck to you!!



I think we all feel that way! While in my car just before the holidays, I saw 3 teens/early 20s smoking with the windows up and a baby in the carseat between them. Somehow, I doubt those parents ever sufferred from infertility! And I suspect that taxpayers are paying for this child!


I am there with you. My problem is not so much the financial cost because my insurance pays most of the treatments and a majority of medication but my job who I get the insurance coverage through is making it hard for me to use my sick time for the procedures. I have had 1 failed retrieval and one failed transfer but because of all the dr visits during each cycle they are telling me I have to have a qualifying serious life threatening situation to keep taking time off work for dr visits. I don’t see why they give you time off if they don’t let you use it. I also see what you’re saying because everywhere I go I compare how I would raise other people’s children who are obviously neglecting or not caring for their children as well as I know I would.


Taking a break is fine, if it’s something you want to do. Having to do it for financial reasons sucks! I get 5 out of 12 months of the year covered for injectables, which are the only meds that work for me. I mourn for all of that wasted time.


I’d like to know how many tears can fall, and how many times your heart can break before you decide to pick up and move on. All the time I have given to having another baby has taken away from my 3 year old daughter. It’s not fair to her. I want so badly for her to have a sibling, to be able to have another baby. Maybe moving on and being grateful for the one I have is what I need to do.


Jonesfam: I think the fact that you are saying maybe it is best to be grateful for your child perhaps gives you your answer.

It is hard to know when is enough. I know I am a planner and I very much tried to plan what our strategy would be if we were not successful in our endeavors. I know my brain told me that if our FET didn’t work and any subsequent attempts to have sibling, I was going to be ok with that, but I’m not sure if my heart would have been so quick to catch on. So I understand your feelings.

In your signature it looks like you have just done IUIs and clomid (and I agree, I hated that stuff when I tried it twice, I already had endo and it gave me crazy symptoms). I know IUIs are often not successful for endo patients, my RE didn’t even want to bother with them when clomid didn’t work and we went straight to IVF despite me not having any obvious blocked tubes. So I think IVF discussion will probably come up in that RE meeting. And I think then you will have to decide for sure how much you really want or need a sibling because IVF can be harder physically, emotionally and financially.

A fellow endo sufferer just went through about six IUIs trying to get a sibling for her son who was conceived naturally (after another bout of failed IUIs and planning for IVF) and born same time as my son. They weren’t keen on IVF because she worried about effect of meds, but they decided to go for it. Unfortunately it didn’t work for them and she hated IVF so they have decided to just try naturally again, not worry about it so much and maybe pursue adoption if they feel the need for a sibling truly gets to be something they feel is necessary. I think if they felt more strongly about having a sibling, they might have continued the IVF road but for them the cons outweighed the positive. And maybe that is how you know that you can be okay with just one child (or maybe, for some couples, no children, I think that is a great decision too and I definitely tried to get comfortable with that notion as well when I first started IVF and I think it helped me somewhat in staying more relaxed about whole process).

Maybe if you and your DH talk it over and don’t be afraid to seek out some other advice or counseling if you feel you need it in moving forward on any decision (clergy, therapist, whatever is comfortable to you).

Best of luck in deciding how to move forward…it doesn’t matter what direction, just as long as you can smile and enjoy whatever it may bring.


[QUOTE=jonesfam]I’d like to know how many tears can fall, and how many times your heart can break before you decide to pick up and move on. All the time I have given to having another baby has taken away from my 3 year old daughter. It’s not fair to her. I want so badly for her to have a sibling, to be able to have another baby. Maybe moving on and being grateful for the one I have is what I need to do.[/QUOTE]

I understand the feeling…we have no children unfortunately …this will be our final try we just came to the decision that the financial…mental…and physical stress has just been too much I was so sick with OHSS from our second IVF we felt my body shouldn’t have to deal with this…so this FET if it doesn’t work we will begin the adoption process!!!doing acupuncture helped me to cope with the decision…you will know when there has been enough heartbreak?!! Only you can answer that


I have a 6 year old son and am very thankful for him. He hates being an only child and it is so hard to explain that I cannot just walk into a store and buy him a baby sister.

The Clomid seems to cause me to be depressed a lot, so I am never happy lately. Financially, we cannot do more than Clomid plus one or two more IUIs and then that is it. The injectables are way more money, and the chances only go up very slightly from Clomid.

I guess by May we will know either way what our plan is. I am 39 so age is definitely a factor too.



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I’m new to forums, and I have not went through IVF yet, but am actively looking for a way to afford it. Does anyone know if there is anyone who would be willing to share half of my donor eggs from an IVF cycle if they were willing to pay for the IVF? The worst mistake I ever made was tying my tubes for a guy in a past relationship, and my husband (I just got married in Nov) and I want to start a family immediately. IVF and tubal reversal surgery costs a lot of money that I dont have lying around, I just started in a new career, so Im unable to take out a loan for treatment. Any suggestions on where I can find a willing couple who wants to start a family now will help us out.:flower:


I am totally there with you. I swore to myself that I’d never get on these forums bc it would only make me worry even more. My best friend just gave birth today and while I’m happy for her, I’ve still spent the entire day crying. I don’t know that I can even go to the hospital for fear of breaking down. My husband and I have done 3 rounds of Clomid, all unsuccessful. I was supposed to have an iui lastonth but the doc found what he believes is a polyp in my endometrial lining. So in addition to the cost of the iui, and drugs, we are also going to be saddled with the bill for the surgery to remove the polyp. I know I’m just in the beginning stages but I’m 33, husband is 41. Time is running short as well as the money. Today I’ve been struggling with the decision to even try anymore. Sometimes I think there’s a reason things turn out the way they do. I’m a nanny for a 7 year-old special needs child. I’ve been caring for him 11 hours a day, 5 days a week, sometimes more, since he was 14 months-old. Needless to say I’m with him more than his own mother. I continually ask myself if that’s why I can’t get pregnant, bc I’meant to care for him. After all, I never intended on becoming a nanny. I quit my job as a reporter one day and needed to find something quick to pay the bills. It just so happened I walked into this job and that was 6 years ago and I have no intention of leaving. Sorry for the ramble but I guess thinking there is a reason for it makes it seem less painful to me and easier to make the decision to quit.


Stay positive! The forms can be both positive and negative. I have found an amazing amount of support. Many blessing :bsv:


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