My miracle


I had Essure done in 2010. A year later, me and DH decided we wanted a child. We did IVF for first time in January 2012. They retrieved 10 eggs, 7 fertilized. They froze 3 embryos. We transferred 2 embryos in February 2012. Had a beta of 82 and heard HB a few weeks later, but miscarried on 3/9/12 at 8 weeks. We did a frozen embryo transfer(transferred 2 embryos) in June 2012 & had first beta test 6/18/12…beta of 1300!!! Beta increased at next 3 beta tests. Heard HB a few weeks later, then released to my ob/gyn. Ob/gyn said wasn’t sure if pregnancy would last since I had Essure coils in…said he was very worried they may cause miscarriage or pre term labor. I was his first patient who had gotten pregnant via IVF after Essure. So, me & DH prayed & believed God for a miracle. Had lots of sonograms throughout pregnancy to check for any possible problems. I had a healthy pregnancy…only problem I had was placenta previa discovered at 20 weeks. Found out at 20 weeks it’s a girl!!! Due date was february 22. Was induced on february 28th & delivered a healthy 6lbs 13oz baby girl!! We are so blessed!


[SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Congratulations what a beautiful story to share with us. [/FONT][/SIZE]