My office only does 5 day transfers HELP


My office only offers 5 day transfers. I previously had a 5 day but I also produced a lot of eggs. This time I’m not so sure, being that I only have one ovary. My antral follicle count was 10 on my one ovary and I’m not sure if that is good…I’m going to be cycling in Jan/feb and am starting to freak out. If my embies don’t make it to blast my cycle is shot :’( any encouraging stories will REALLY help!!!


Hi there! Many places strive for five day transfers because if they cant survive until day 5, then putting them in on day 3 wouldn’t matter. Vise versa, good day 3 embies will be good,day 5. Many drs would rather not have any to transfer than put doomed day 3 embies in, wait 2 weeks then get neg test. Day 5 eliminates the 2ww and u can start next cycle sooner. Check out my siggy. I never should have never transfered my crappy day 3 embies. Also go to IVF Authority and read about 5 day transfers. As for one overy…it only takes one egg :slight_smile: good luck!!!


I believe 5 day transfers are best, and that though 3 days can work that they would have worked even as 5 days assuming your clinic has a good lab. I’ve gotten pregnant only with day 5 transfers, my day 3 was a BFN- could be coincidence, but I much preferred the 5 day transfers also cutting two days off my 2ww. Good Luck!


Remember that it is quality, not quantity that counts. Ultimately, you need one high-quality blastocyst.

I started off with less than 10 follicles and am now 8 weeks pregnant! That number is fine. That said, you might want to consider ICSI, if you are not already planning on it. It will improve your fertilization rate, which is helpful if you don’t have a very large number of eggs to start out with.

I read a lot about 3-day vs. 5-day transfers. I am pretty convinced that, as long as your clinic’s lab is good, there is no downside to 5-day transfers. Here are some articles I bookmarked on the subject:

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I’ll play devil’s advocate :evilgrin: . I go to a great RE with a great lab and they like to do 5dt if possible. However, both of my successful pregnancies have been my 3day and 2 day transfers, while all 6 blasts I’ve transferred have either resulted in chemicals or BFP.

The details are in my sig, but this last go around we only had 2 eggs fertilize normally and so they transferred them at 2 days and both initially implanted (though one never developed a fetal pole). No matter how good the lab, I can’t believe that there aren’t some embryos that don’t make it to 5 days simply due to being in the lab rather than in the uterus. We just can’t replicated something like that perfectly. So, it seems pretty rigid to me for an RE to say he or she will ONLY do 5 day transfers. I know I would have regretted waiting even an extra day this time around and losing one or both embryos…



I can’t say don’t stress…it is IVF after all but…here is the thing. Like many others have said- 5-day blasts are the best. In my case, I had quite a few eggs retrieved and fertilized but only two survived until the 5-day transfer. One was hatching, the other not so developed. Thanks to that “one” hatching blast…we are expecting our first (and probably only) child in less than two months!!! Keep the hope, treat yourself well during this time and pray for your little one. You have as good a chance as anyone!!! :slight_smile:


The thing is, the uterus is not the natural environment for an embryo 3 days after fertilization, the fallopian tube is. I do not find it difficult to believe that a lab is better able to approximate the environment of a fallopian tube than a uterus is.


My doctor will only do 5dt as well. He explained in his opinion embryos don’t show true quality until day 5. Therefore, great quality on day 3 doesn’t mean they’ll still be great on on day 5 and not so great on day 3 doesn’t mean they won’t be great on day 5. For both my cycles, the two best on day 3 wound up being very poor quality on day 5 and two that wouldn’t have been picked on day 3 wound up being perfect on day 5. He said he’d rather take the gamble and wait until day 5 and if by chance I didn’t have any embryos they wouldn’t have worked on day 3. Good Luck!


Both of my pregnancies (3 IVFs total) were from 3 day transfers. I think that the doctor has his reasons and if you don’t agree, I would try another clinic. You are paying, afterall, for this. I think there are reasons to do both types of transfers and that pregnancies result from both as well. Good luck and do what you are comfortable with. It can not hurt to talk to a different clinic if you are uncomfortable with your ONLY option being a 5dt. Good luck!


I just want to thank everyone for responding I will definitely be doing a lot of praying. I am trying to take better care of my body for this next cycle. Hopefully it will be my last.