My ovaries hurt so bad on the way home


So my appt yesterday showed 2 follicles (maybe three) that are ready to go. I was sent home with a trigger shot for last night and IUI tomorrow. My ovaries hurt so bad on the way home and now they really don’t at all. I can feel them…but not much. I am only on cd 8 but I’m worried that I ovulated already. They don’t do scans before IUI. I’m not sure why but I’m assuming it’s because the gel/lube stuff they use is not semen friendly??


I triggered Friday night (yes having my hubby give me a shot in the butt sure is a sexy valentines day). I had my IUI on Sunday. I felt cramping type pains beginning on Saturday into Sunday. I still feel some pain/ discomfort- not sure if ovulation pain or maybe from the IUI. It’s hard to tell because I don’t really feel ovulation pain normally- since I don’t ovulate on my own :slight_smile: Sounds like we test around the same time again this month. I wish you well!! My RE at Bio tex said if I ever feel like that, just have sex to be on the safe side because there’s nothing they can really do at that point. Hopefully though, the trigger will keep you from actually ovulating for 36 hours. I hadn’t had it yet when I ovulated early. Don’t worry! You’re not too late! Prior to the trigger shot, the eggs are stuck to the side of the follicle. The trigger loosens the eggs before they release, so that’s probably what you are feeling. I have always felt every little thing in my ovaries. I feel ovulation pains immediately after the trigger, with the most intense pain 40 hours after the fact. Good luck with your IUI!


Unfortunately this does happen with treatments. Pains in ovaries are dreadful. This is due to medications taken. It’s suspicious your doc never did the scan before iui shot. Sounds unprofessional to me. Did they recommend you any of painkillers to take? Hope things got to their places.


I’ve been through 5 IVF cycles. Egg retrieval is usually done in your doctor’s office. Or a clinic from 34 to 36 hours after the final injection and before ovulation. During egg retrieval, I was sedated and given pain medication. Transvaginal ultrasound aspiration is the usual retrieval method. They inserted an ultrasound probe into my vagina to identify follicles. Then a thin needle was inserted into an ultrasound guide to go through the vagina and into the follicles to retrieve the eggs. If your ovaries aren’t accessible through transvaginal ultrasound, an abdominal surgery or laparoscopy (A procedure in which a tiny incision is made near your navel and a slender viewing instrument (laparoscope) is inserted) may be used to guide the needle. The eggs are removed from the follicles through a needle connected to a suction device. Multiple eggs can be removed in about 20 minutes. After egg retrieval, I usually experienced cramping and feelings of fullness or pressure. Then they placed mature eggs in a nutritive liquid and incubated. Eggs that appeared healthy and mature were mixed with sperm to attempt to create embryos. However, not all eggs may be successfully fertilized. Some of them do fail. So judging from the things described above I truly doubt the procedure may not bring the discomfort. :persevere: