My RE’s general workup for TTC next month


Hi Everyone,

I hope this is the appropriate place to post this.

Has anyone here had the SIS done? I think the technical name is something like sonohysterogram. I had this done on Friday, as part of my RE’s general workup for TTC next month. We already have a son who is 20 months that we conceived via this same doctor back in 2009. At that time, I had the HSG done. He told me that this was much less invasive, but would make sure my tubes were open and that my c-section scar had healed before we shelled out lots of money for injectibles. Likewise, my husband is going tomorrow for yet another SA, even though his results were just fine two years ago.

Well, I thought the SIS was worse than the HSG. I wasn’t prepared for the giant speculum, the fairly extreme cramping, or the pain I would feel afterwards. I wouldn’t compare it to childbirth or anything, but it definitely hurt.

So that was Friday.

I cramped quite a bit on Friday, which was expected, and even had some pink spotting…also expected. On Sunday, however, that spotting turned into more like menstrual bleeding. That has continued through today…probably like 1/3rd of what a period would be, but enough that a pantyliner isn’t cutting it. I’ve also developed some cramping in my lower back, very similar to what I felt like with back labor when I went to deliver my son (who was posterior).

Has anyone had the SIS test done, and did anyone experience any problems like this afterwards? I called the RE today and they put me on antibiotics because they said this is not common and they don’t want me to get a raging infection. I’m very frustrated because 1. I didn’t need this test in the first place, really and 2. I have been on SOOOO many antibiotics (I get lots of sinus infections and also had strep B during pregnancy) the past few years that they are becoming ineffective for me. I HATE being on one when I don’t have to be!

I haven’t read many other stories about SIS exams and problems afterwards, and thought I would ask all the amazing ladies on here. Thanks in advance!!