My second IUI with injectibles


I go for my second IUI with injectibles Friday morning. My doctor said to trigger Thursday morning but last time I took the trigger I ovulated 36 hrs later. So Im thinking I should trigger around 1am to be closer to my ovulation time for our IUI. What do you think?!


Nursejessica- You need to call the RE’s office this second for clarification. If you call your RE’s office during off hours tell the answering service that it is an emergency and you need to talk to an on call nurse or doctor ASAP.

I pray that they didn’t tell you wrong. Good luck with your IUI! I am sure everything will be fine in the end.


Trigger when the RE says to trigger. They have reasons for when they tell you to trigger. The base is all off of bloodwork, ultrasounds and stuff. If you feel you are ovulating later, maybe ask for a double IUI instead.