My Story, advise/tips/help please :)


Hi Everyone,
I have been stalking this website for a few months now and I have learned so much from all of you. Think it’s time I share my story. I have never really shared this with anyone as I was embarrased, and I kept pretending things were okay. So here goes:
I have been married for 5 and a half years. I would notice that when we did have sex, he was not ejaculating inside me. I couldn’t understand because he was able to do it outside of me. Finally we went to a doctor and he mentioned my husband’s veins were enlarged and he had a varicocele and so he did a varicocelectomy. Still till today, it is very very very rare that he is able to ejactulate inside of me. But at least he doesnt feel any discomfort as he did have before the surgery.
Now you can imagine how tiring and frustrating this is for both of us, especially wanting to have a baby. I have tried almost a year and a half to try and have a healthy sex life but him not being able to finish inside me has it made it so difficult for us both. I try not to pressure him, but I am 31 (almost 32) and he’s already 33. I went for a full check up recently…While waiting for him to sort out his issues, I have developed PCOS on both of my ovaries. So now we both have some sort of problem with trying to conceive.

I have been on 150mg of clomid on day 2 - day 6 of my cycle since April. This July would make it 3 months. My husband and I have been doing at home insem (he ejaculates in the cup, and we insert it using a syringe) - have tried for two cycles and no luck. July will be our 3rd time trying. To be honest, I am not even convinced myself that at home insem will work, as I now too have PCOS.

Last week I have had the HSG done and luckily, both tubes are clear. I went in for an ultrasound on day 11 as doctor said if there was big enough follicles/an egg she would give me a shot. But there was nothing :frowning: She herself was disappointed too.

I really would love to get pregnant but the stress or enjoyment of sex is so hard especially when my husband is not able to successfully ejaculate inside me and then the added pressure of being polycystic is really getting me down.

Just hoping that all the stars align for me soon and I manage to conceive.

Just needed to share it with someone because I think I’m about to go crazy soon!

She suggests moving onto injectibles as clomid has not been successful.

Any ideas, tips, help…please reply me. Im lost and confused…and feel horrible.


Are you seeing an RE yet? If not, I highly recommend going to one and getting all your blood tests done to see where you’re at and whether any medications like Metformin or Synthroid might be helpful in getting your body to ideal numbers.
Also getting a semen analysis done for your husband is very important to check for quantity and quality.

If you’re not responding well to Clomid you might consider trying femara for a cycle or two instead with monitoring and IUI prior to proceeding to injectables or IVF.

Best of luck to you!