My ttc havent come through


I am fairly new to this situation, and I don’t understand all the code language… It’s almost funny as I read through… “my bfn and my ttc havent come through, and so I will look for an O before I pcos and…”
I know a lot of you are knee deep in this world and know all the shorthand by heart, but maybe someone could post a Key to Terms on this site?
And all the little smilies and cutesy sayings are a little much. Maybe I’m just not girly enough to be searching for answers here. I dunno. just a little frustrated with baby making and I can’t seem to find an online community that isn’t all bows and “baby dust”…


Here you go. These terms and abbreviations are pretty universal across the internet. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. :wink:
What Does That Mean? — Fertility Blog


thankyou! i guess i didn’t see that before–


Don’t worry first time I came here I knew some terms but there were a lot that I was not familiar with and then I saw the acronyms on the top and all was good :slight_smile: soon we’ll be reading your posts about the ttc and the bd, RE and such. Baby dust is good though and so are sticky vibes :slight_smile:


You will get accustomed to it the more you are here…

As for the smilies and the little symbols, I guess it helps everyone out in expressing their concern and support. It can be easy to misconstrue one’s opinion or advice when you can’t see body language or emotion…

When used the right way, you get your point across…in a warm and supportive fashion! :wink:

By the way…:welcome: