My husband and I decided to try for baby when i had abortion back in high school through some medication,i had a lot of bleeding and i was rushed to the clinic where i was told i had a damaged womb… It took me years before i could conceive. It was November of 2012 when i met prophetess Asheika Stewart and she gave me hope that i will still have baby again in life… To cut the story short she did some spell for me and told me to see a doctor for test, on getting to the hospital for test, i was told i am carrying babys inside of me… We were so excited, just days after my last appointment and ultrasound before giving birth, everything looked fine. We were happy all of this happened the week before Christmas…
(about August of 2013) i give birth to twins a boy and a girl, my babys are very healthy. Here’s crossing my fingers, I turned a mother today and all is well so far.
All thanks to Prophetess Asheika Stewart from Texas USA.
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