My update - I cannot post on a topic


Is this only me? I have been trying to post comments for days but I get this message, on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, iphone, “There was an error loading the rich text editor. You may use the plain text editor, or you may reload the page to try again. If the problem persists, please contact the administrator.” when I open a topic and clicking “post reply” doesn’t do anything. I wanted to post my FET update.

3 blastocysts were transferred on November 1, Friday, I spent a lazy day at the hotel next day, came back home Sunday morning. This is our last try after 2 failed ICSI, this has to give us a baby (or babies). This morning, I POAS and left it in the bathroom. When I saw it 1 hour later, there was a very faint line. A little step forward from yesterday’s no line at all. I hope it keeps going darker.

If the problem is not fixed and I cannot post on a topic, this will be my last post. I wish everyone’s baby dream come true!!


btfy- congrats on being PUPO. I’ve been having issues with the website as well. I hope they fix the problems soon. When is your first beta?


If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, you can type and click reply. You cannot comment on other peoples posts, or edit, or click “Post reply” at the top. Until they fix it… just scoll and type in the window that is available at the bottom. You must be logged in to see it.


My beta is 13th. Hope I can post this one.