Myomectomy help & support


I just had abdominal myomectomy/laparotomy the end of June to remove a big mass: adenomyosis. I am now 5 weeks post op and still struggling! I don’t have much actual pain, just big swollen belly and heaviness in the belly, as well. I talked to the nurse and she says it’s normal–it can take a couple months. I feel like there is no end to this and need some hope! I started out doing well and even seemed to think that the swelling was going down, but now its worse than ever. I ice it as much as I can (whether this actually does anything or not, I don’t know, but I think it does and it will, right?!). It is not too bad in the morning but progressively gets worse throughout the day and by the end of the day, I feel horribly bloated and belly is painful to the touch.
Anyone else have any insight? I can honestly say I am extremely happy I had the procedure, but am frustrated that 5 weeks after, it’s still so swollen and I can’t fit into any of my normal clothes. The surgery was the right decision for me, but, again, just want the swelling to go away. I would say that at the end of the day, my belly could be compared to a 5-6 month pregnancy belly. I have even begun to think of it that way–as a way to be okay with it and if people think I’m prego because of the size, I’m just getting ahead start into what I will truly be experiencing in the very near future!
ANYWAY…I would love to hear from others about their recovery experiences, especially their swelly belly and how long it took to get back to normal. Thanks!


I think with regards to any abdominal surgical procedure, especially a major one such as yours, pain and swelling are expected for up to several months. But if the pain and swelling are getting worse as you said, then that should be a sign that you are not healing in exactly the right way. Try to assess if the swelling is becoming hard, painful to touch and warm. Also, if you develop fever, nausea, vomiting or any other abnormal symptoms like vaginal bleeding and blood in the urine, get yourself checked up right away.