Narrow cervix and tilted uterus?


Has anyone heard of a narrow cervix and tilted uterus being a cause of infertility, I have both of these. Btw, my hsg, and egg test came back perfect.


Hi, I have a “pinhole” cervix, false cervical passage and a tilted uterus but have been told by the docs that these are not reasons for infertility.


I have a severely twisted and retroverted uterus and twisted cervix but like wantbabiesnow, have been assured neither of these are the reasons for our infertility.


I too have small cervix and retroverted uterus. Apparently is a common thing in women. It should not be a problem to get pregnant. I had three IUI and still not pregnancy. So that goes that idea as the nurse places the sperm right were it needs to be.