National Infertility Awareness Week...Seriously?


I work along side the health care profession, and there was a blog posted stating that this was National Infertility Awareness week. 1st. thought is why do we only get 1 week?? Why not a month?? 2nd. We are very aware of our infertility…don’t need a reminder, just a baby!! I found myself getting so mad reading responses on that stupid blog with people stating if you can’t get pregnant, just adopt!!! Really?? Seriously?? Not kidding, if I could have strangled these people, I would have!! You can tell those people have no idea what we go through day after day, week after week, and month after month! The fact that Mother’s Day is next weekend really upsets me because it’s just another year that I am not a MOM!! I’ll think the same thing I always do as the day approaches “Maybe next year” To all those on here who are Moms…Happy Mother’s Day!! I hope to join your club soon :pray:


Totally agree with you. I hate it when you tell a friend and they go have you thought about adoption. That is one solution if you want a baby that badly. Seriously that just hurts me more why can’t I be normal and produce a baby myself.

I think infertility awareness week should be when they get educated on what we go through !!! injections bad news one after the other. Yep Mothers day is so depressing. Hope we join that special club by next year!!