Nationwide shortage of Ganirelix/Cetrotide?


[SIZE=“2”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“DarkGreen”]My RE told me yesterday that it’s a good thing we started my protocol when we did cuz there’s now a nationwide shortage of ganirelix n cetrotide. She said they don’t know when they’re gonna be able to do the estrogen priming protocol again cuz they don’t know when the drugs will be available. Just wondering if anyone else has heard this[/FONT][/SIZE]?


Yes…grrrr! When my RE ordered my meds, we found out that Ganirelix was on backorder. We were fortunate to get Cetrotide though, so I hope it works just as well. Maybe I should ask about getting an extra one or two just in case!?


Yes I heard the same. i am on ganerlix and i had only 1 left for last night. i was lucky enought to get 1 cetrotide for tonight.


Yup, same thing here in Nebraska… I got the feeling they wanted to stim me out one more day, but I’d already taken 3 Ganirelix and had no more… and could not get more.


same here in ny…was able to get a few cetrotide by no ganorilix


I had the same problem. Luckily we were able to get the cetrotide. When I was on the phone with Freedom Pharmacy they said it would be a few weeks before the ganorilix would be avaible. Crazy this can happen…


Yes…I heard this…thankfully my protocol calls for Cetrotide and I am well stocked…just in case…I wonder what caused this shortage?

Infertilgurl…that’s a real shame…you would tthink that the manufacturers would give the pharmacists an heads up and that they in turn would tell the clinics.