Natural BFP after injectibles!


Hey, all. You can see in my signature what all I’ve been through when we were TTC #1. Well, this morning I took a test, totally not expecting it to be anything, and got a BFP! We were waiting until August (after a surgery for a uterine polyp) to start treatments, because my bloodwork showed that I was in basically the same situation as last time. We were “trying without trying”, so pretty much, we always had unprotected sex but didn’t try to time it; however, my sex drive has been going up during ovulation so the timing worked out anyway. We certainly were hoping to get pregnant naturally, but I hadn’t been expecting it. Anyway, I thought I was late, but I didn’t trust my body to start a period on time anyway. But to be safe, since I eat and drink a lot of stuff that’s not safe for pregnancy, I took a Clearblue Digital and sure enough, it turned “Pregnant” pretty quickly! I’m being cautiously optimistic because it’s so early and because that polyp is still there. I can only hope it won’t cause problems. In the meantime, I’m getting over my shock and it’s slowly building into true excitement!


Congrats and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!


Congrats hun im so excited for you and:pray: praying for a healthy :preg: pregnancy.


Congratulations!!! :pray: for lots of :bsv: !!!