Natural FET-help? Am I crazy?


Well I am back after a year…I am now ready for support. I used these forums for my IVF cycle last summer but I could not continue to follow as it was heartbreaking to see all the BFP while I had nothing but BFN. I was really truly happy for all the members who had BFP but I was inundated with BFPs on the forum and several friends who weren’t trying to get pregnant who became pregnant…

I underwent another round of IVF this summer and an ET in June with a BFN and due to training due to taking a new job I could not try an FET (I am a teacher and took a new job with a new district). I currently have 12 healthy frosties and am looking to do a natural FET in December.

I briefly spoke to an RN and was encouraged to not have a natural FET and was encouraged to go on all the meds again…What are your thoughts?? I figured I tried 4 transfers with meds why not give it a whirl without meds; meds destroy my body. And I figure since I have 12 frosties I have several chances to try with and without meds.

Has anyone had any luck with an FET? Should I just fight the RN and demand to speak to my RE and say I am doing a FET in December? I was told once (by an RN) that FETs can be done whenever and timing does not matter too much, is this true??

Any help y’all could provide would be much appreciated!!!


I don’t know about sucess with natural but I am trying it this round. I had a reaction to the meds so we went natural. I did not hear anything about less of a chance. I think as long as you ovulate and have good lining why not try. I am crossing fingers that this last attempt works. I will know in a few weeks. Hope this helps,