Natural FET vrs Medical FET


I am about to use my security embryos for a FET. I in my heart feel like the golden Egg is in there bc we froze at 38 (now 41) and I was so oblivious of this process then, and wasn’t worred about egg quality, age, or anything.

My doctor said he is willing to do a natural FET bc I ovulate every month without issues… But i’m worried that with out the medications am I lowering my chances. Again I am using my reserve BC I am so tired of the process… We just want one child.

Anyone have any knowlegde if one is better than the other…



What I have heard is both have equal rates of success. But the natural is way easier on your body - so if you ovulate on your own the RE usually recommends the natural. That way you dont have to pay for the meds also.