Natural IVF


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I just have a general question. Has any one tried the natural IFV. If so could you please share your experience with me. How does it differ for the traditional IVF. What are the success rates? Thanks.[/SIZE][/FONT]


I’ll try to bump this up for you. Check out the old threads because I thought someone asked this question a while ago.


I’m curious too

I really wanted to try a natural IVF but the doc says they don’t really do them anymore since the procedure is so expensive and success rates are so much higher when they use all the drugs.


I think a woman who goes by Karino did one of those…I think she actually got a surprise natural BFP recently!


When you mean “natural IVF” do you mean when they take the one egg that you would normally produce vs injections and multiple eggs? I did this but my dr called it “modified IVF” and it didn’t work for me. I liked how I wasn’t on all of the meds but in the end it wasn’t worth it. In the end :bfn:


Yes that is what I meant. I don’t want to do the injections. Kind of don’t like needle. I’m so torn


You could try mini IVF with clomid if you’re scared of needles. But the success rate of that is not very high.


If you are considering a non medicated cycle just to avoid the shots, I’d say this is not the right decision for you. As others have stated, the success rate is not good, and the whole point of IVF is to get enough eggs in hopes that at least one will result in a baby. I think most people have some fear/hesitation about shots at first, but they are honestly a walk in the park. The needles are REALLY thin and small, and most times you don’t even feel them go in. I know it’s scary, but ask yourself this: Is your fear of shots so great that you would risk not having a child because of it? I promise you, they are NOT that bad.


I think everyone goes through a rough time in the beginning when they find out they have to inject medication into themselves. The outcome of it all is well worth it. I have decided to try the mini IVF and :pray: for a successful :preg: . My husband is a really good support team and he doesn’t mind sticking me.


Good luck to you! I think that when I did it there was a 20-30% :bfp: rate with that version of ivf… so it does work! Please know that even though you are not injecting the drugs that will make you produce many eggs (you just do it for a couple of days and the needles are so small you really don’t feel them) you will still be giving blood more times than you can count so they can check hormone levels etc, sometimes daily, you will still have your egg retrieval which you will have an IV (they numb it first, no biggie) and they still may have you do a trigger shot so they can know exactly when you will ovulate the night before the egg retrieval.

I understand your fear of needles. When I was little my mom would give me my vaccinations in the middle of the night (she was a nurse and my dad was a physician) so I would wake up to a needle in my leg! Horrible! What were they thinking?? They thought that they were saving me from the trauma LOL


Fertility1 Thanks for the advice and the feed back. I see now I will have my eye closed alot. By the time all of this is over I will no longer have this fear. As far as your parents I’m speechless. I would have never thought. I’m sending you a special :grouphug: on that one.


The shots are NOTHING. the needles are soooo tiny. They are subq, so it goes in just a tiny bit in your belly. The Progesterone shots are bad, they are intramuscular (in ur booty) but those are done after transfer so ull do those no matter what.


Yes, my doctor said the same thing. She was willing to do it, but said that is was not worth it unless you had loads of money (she didn’t say it this way, but the idea was the same) to throw away! :slight_smile: or if the female is young and there is male factor infertility.


Thanks ladies for all of your advise. My husband and I have agreed to give the traditional IVF a try. Wishing everyone much success.


Good luck

Good luck passion! hope it all works out for you! i agree with the other ladies, the needles weren’t that bad. I can’t speak to the Progesterone because unfortunately my cycle was just cancelled on Monday prior to the retrieval. :grr:

I will try again soon, hopefully. Very frustrating to invest so much time, money and energy into the process only to have it cancelled.

Also wanted to mention there is an alternative to the Progesterone and that’s called Crinone, it’s a cream that you insert into the vagina. You may want to ask your doctor about it. That’s what I was going to use had I made it to the retrieval stage. I don’t know why they don’t prescribe it more often, I guess they are just used to prescribing the injections. The nurse pleaded for me because I am single and she knew it would be really hard for me to find someone every night to give me that injection. The other injections which were subcutaneous (injected into the fat near my belly) were a piece of cake, I had my neighbor who is a nurse assist with the first, after that I had no problems doing it myself.

Good luck!


I’m doing mini/micro ivf in February, 2012. She gave me a 20-30% with it but with regular I’m only at 40% anyway so for 1/2 the price and knowing my RE is 3 hours away its the safest for me and the most comfortable for us to do. On Femara alone I got 2-6 follies so adding a high dose of Follistim I’m :pray: for even more:-)

The injections are nothing. Initially I couldn’t do them and had to sit down while my DH did and now I just slowly inject and go (and I’m a nurse and still not the bravest).

Good luck to you!



Thanks for the advise ladies. With all of this new found knowledge I think I will be ok with the injections. Fear will not be the the reason we cant get our baby.