Natural or IUI - Help Please!


I am going in tomorrow for baseline u/s, will start on clomid 150 mg. My first 50 mg clomid cycle ended in Chemical :frowning: The 2nd cycle on 100 mg was a burst and gave me a cyst urghhh. We had a 3rd natural cycle, no medication, there was a follicle on its own. Now this will be my 4th cycle of fertility treatments (3rd on clomid).

Me and DH are confused as to go for natural intercourse or IUI. What do you ladies suggest? Is IUI worth the extra bucks? DH has no issues, i have PCOS. I dont know, i am so confused. Would love to hear the experiences of ladies over here who have tried both natural intercourse and IUI. Should i go for it?

Thanks in advance ladies :thankyou:


This is only my experience but I’ve been pregnant 3 times. 2 with Clomid and IUI and 1 without anything at all (we weren’t even ‘trying’). However, the only time in my life that I’ve had a MC was with the cycle when I didn’t take anything. I’m sure it was a coincidence, but I’ve convinced myself that I MC’d bc I didn’t have the extra help from the meds and IUI. I’ve heard that IUI’s increase your chances but not drastically (anywhere from 1 to 5%, maybe higher). . .it sort of depends on your situation and problems.

Maybe take a break and try on your own during the holidays and if that doesn’t work then try again after the first of the year.


I’d say IUI has tons of benefits. It gets the best of the best sperm past the cervix and into the uterus. Clomid can cause CM that is hard for sperm to swim through. So IUI helps.