Natural success with high NK cells?


Hello! I was just wondering if anyone with high killer cells has had a successful pregnancy on their own without the use of intralipids. I can’t afford another IVF so we are ttc on our own now. Having DOR makes it a long shot on its own but having high NK cells on top of DOR feels hopeless. Looking for some stories to make me feel like I have a shot!


I’m in the same boat. Can’t afford IVF. 6 failed IUIs. One tube removal. At least four failed embryos. Fifteen wasted months of fertility treatments. So, now that we know it’s autoimmune related, my options are chinese herbs and intralipid therapy, and possibly IVig (except my neurologist doesn’t really want me to do that again until I’m done with fertility treatments). I read the autoimmune sections in two really comprehensive books, “Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Plan” (which talks all about nutrition, acupuncture, supplements, a little about herbs, and a lot about things that most fertility doctors don’t check for) and “The Infertility Cure” (which is mostly about chinese herbs, diet, supplements, acupuncture) (and which I got a lot out of, though I only read the chapter on autoimmune infertility). I actually went to see the fertility doctor in NY listed in the first book, a month ago, and got a new workup, so he’s coordinating with my fertility doctor here in PA.

I went through the two books yesterday and made a short list of the things specifically mentioned that deal with NK cells and antisperm antibodies.