Need A Little Pick Me Up


Lately I have been feeling very down. Nothing we seem to do has been successful. Emotional, physically and financially we are running out of options. Frustrated with my doctor for things he has done or lack there of, but where I go is “the best” in my area without traveling over 50 miles.:grr:

Here is a little bit about our situation.

We have been strugling with infirtility for 4 years now.
I am 26 and my husband is 28.
:paw: :paw: Pups
:paw: Cat
(Best support team)
First doctor discovered my prolactin level was high. It is now down to 5.3 with the help of dostinex.
:bfp: in 4/2011
:wings: 5/2011
My husband swimmers are great.
HSG came back good both tubes open
11/11 1st cycle of chlomid
12/11 2nd cycle of chlomid
1/12 3rd cycle of chlomid
2/12 4th cycle of chlomid
3/12 5th cycle of chlomid
4/12 6th cycle of chlomid
5/12 7th cycle of chlomid (discovered a cyst)
6/12 8th cycle of chlomid (cervical mucus thick and another cyst) trigger shot just in case:pray:
Stopped chlomid cycles
9/12 Follistim cycle (2 nice folicles) trigger shot:pray:
10/12 Follistim cycle (2 nice folicles but developed too quickly on only 33 icu perday) trigger shot on day 8 of cycle
Stopped treatment to get my emotions back together
1/13 Hysteroscopy, Laproscopy and D&C
I had stage 3 endo
Chocolate cyst on my right ovary
Both ovaries attached to pelvic wall and right tube tangled in my intestine
Micro polyps in uterus
All removed, lasered, unattached and untangled.:grr:
Doctors felt this was the issue and I have now been doing natural cycles with monitoring.
2/13 2 nice folicles on my own as well as naturally ovulating on day 12
3/13 3 folicles (2 over 21mm) Ovulated on my own day 12 naturally

:pray: for a positive outcome.

Just not sure what to do if it is not. Any suggestions or glimps of hope are appreciated!!:cross:


I will say never give up! It is great that yall are trying and not waiting till you are 40 (like me).

I wish you the best of luck for your family.


mbhopeful - I’m so sorry you are feeling down…it looks like you have been through a lot of tries and I can understand why you are feeling defeated. I just wanted to give you some hope. I had a lot of trouble getting pregnant with both my babies. The first took five IUIs (after a year of trying on our own without realizing we didn’t have sperm). It seems like it should have not taken as long as it did since I had no known issues and we were using donor sperm and IUI. Then it took 14 months of fertility treatments (8 cycles) to get what seems like it might be a take-home baby for baby #2. Well, halfway through TTC#2, I had a lap done and discovered that I had very mild endometriosis. Even though it was mild, RE said it very well could have been why I don’t get pregnant very easily. So, had it removed…started taking Follistim the next cycle and got a BFN…devastated. Tried Repronex (after it was also discovered I had low FSH and LH levels…so much for no issues!) I got a BFP that cycle! This was the 2nd cycle after my lap and first on Repronex…ended up miscarrying, but tried Repronex again and got pregnant again the first TTC cycle after m/c and it seems to have stuck this time. I really think the combination of being on the wrong drugs and having that mild endo kept things from working easily for me so I definitely think that more advanced endo could have been standing in your way all along. I know it’s discouraging when it doesn’t happen as quickly as you’d like or as quickly as it does for others…I really hope you get your BFP soon! Good luck!


Thank you for the words of encouragement!! Greatly appreciated. Sometimes I just feel like we are constantly disappointed as I am sure most do who are struggling. I wish you all the best of luck as well! This is a great support system and definitely helps me to keep trying.:flower:


Another :bfn: this month with an extreamly short cycle of only 22 days.
Anyone have success with any other forms of treatments?


Have they mentioned IVF? I did 6 rounds of clomid in my early 20’s. They thought nothing was wrong, I was young and it was just a matter of time. The IVF showed more extenuating circumstances. We did multiple failed cycles before adopting embryos and getting our daughter (10 years later). I am in my 2ww with my second pregnancy (hpt was positive 6dp5dt). Don’t give up because I can tell you the voice in the back of your head never truly stops hoping.


I have mentioned IVF to my doctor multiple times and he keeps shooting me down telling me that he deosn’t feel it is necessary. :grr: At this point it is the only option we didn’t try and my DH and I really would like to try this option rather then spend thousands of more on same treatments that have been unsuccessful in the past. I really want to believe that the doctor should know best but some days I feel like he is more woorried about making money then helping us acvhieve our goal.


I think it is always important to take control of your treatment. I was told for years that it was just a matter of time. If I had listened, I would still be trying. I would insist on the IVF or find a doctor that is more amenable to working with you.

Me (32) - Unexplained egg issues
DH (41) - Perfect
2001-2003 - Laproscopy, Clomid 3w/3w/out IUI - :bfp:
2003-2005 - 2 IVF, 2 FET - CP
2006-2008 - Lost my brother, frustrated with IVF - Stopped IVF, Started Acupuncture; trying to heal.
2008-2010 - Looked into adoption, found new RE. 2IVF, 1 FET - :bfn:
2010 - RE suggests Donor Embryos - :bfp:
March 24th 2011 - :welcome: Madison!
October 2012 - Consulted RE - After numerous conflicts w/staff and slow results, changed RE.
Feb 14 2013 - :af: - Start Estrace
Feb 24 2013 - Check to make sure ovaries are suppressed - Good to Go!
March 5 2013 - Lining Check - All Good! Start Progesterone
March 11 2013 - Transferred 2 beautiful Blasts
March 17 2013 - HPT :bfp:
March 22 2013 - Beta :cross:


Was told today that there is a good chance I am running out of eggs. My AMH is 2.2 which for a 26 year old it is pretty low normal for someone my age is 7. On day 5 of this cycle my estrodial level was 145. No follicles are present. :grr: I heard that this could be a sign of early menapause. The doctor has me on birth control this month to try and correct my estrogen level. It has pretty much come down to feeling my only option is IVF. :grr: :grr:


If you still are looking at IVF, I’d say push for it. Even though we were devastated when RE told us from the get-go that ICSI was the only way, I felt secure knowing he wasn’t wasting our money on treatments that wouldn’t result in a baby. He even told us, yes it was expensive, but that he didn’t want to waste our money on IUIs, b/c they won’t work on us.

Be your own strong advocate. If he’s not listening, then maybe you should find someone else.


An AMH of 2.2 is not bad at all. Its only called Diminished Ovarian Reseve if you less than 1.
I am not sure why there were no follies on Day 5 but please look into it a little more.


Hope things get better for u. U not the only one who feels down, I been trying for #2 for 4 yrs n nothing, hubby is satisfied with jst one but i want morem with age i feel am running out of time. I was todl tht i wont be able to conceive without treatment, but am too broke to even consult a RE.
Good luck to u n hang in there, God knows ur desires n he is going to give it to u


Get feeling down - I’m there with you. I’m with the advice of taking control of your treatment. I know this takes energy but it sounds like to me IVF is a very viable option for you. Do you have coverage in your state? Insurance? Family support?

I would also consider changing RE or getting to the root of the matter of why he thinks IVF isn’t needed? At least, go to another clinic for a 2nd opinion.

Wishing you all the best.