Need advice about metformin


Hello ladies, I need advice, Due to I was told by GP, that I had PCOS, as I had signs such as hair grow, body weight and unregular periods that came twice a year, well me and my husband are trying for a baby so I started taking Angus catus for 3 months but nothing did seem to happened, now my doctors just recent started me on metformin a week ago and today started my period lightly. I was just wondering how long did it take anybody taking metformin to start there periods or get pregnant? Did u still take Angus catus during taking the metformin? Would be grateful for any advice, thank you


I started taking metformin after I missed my period and I knew I wasn’t pregnant. My period showed up on its own after 12 days of taking metformin.


I’ve been on Metformin for about 6 weeks now. My doctor also put me on BCP along with the Metformin because she said it was neccassary before I start IVF to be on the BCP anyhow and I hadn’t had a period naturally in over a year. About 3 weeks in to the medications, my period started and lasted nearly 2 weeks. I’ve lost about 8 lbs since I started the Metformin which was a nice surprise, but it’s probably due to the IBS its seemed to cause and a drastic change in my appetite over the last few weeks. The only medications I’m taking along with the Metformin and the BCP have been a prenatal vitamin.


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I have PCOS as well and have been doing natural diet changes for the last 10 years that have helped to shrink my cysts.:cheer: I have worked out regularly and eaten a fairly healthy diet to maintain a good weight. Not to mention laser and electrolysis to get rid of my beard!:woohoo:
Now that I am newly married and ready to get PG…My doc prescribed Metformin- but it made me very sick in the tummy- so I stopped then she gave me the extended release which I am just starting this month- have to get up to 2000mg in the next 4 weeks! But so far so good!:clap:
I take a supplement called Optivite and I am starting Fertile CM as well. Luckily my cycle is 28 days…however like many PCOS I may have annovulation…so hoping to pinpoint that as I work on curing my IF:cross: .
I am finding a lot of success with Creighton Naprotechnology. I pray I won’t need a surgery- but as I balance out my hormones I hope that is all I will need to do.

Good luck to you and :babydust: