Need advice and assurance


I’m at the start of the dreaded 2ww and my husband just called me from work. Apparently there is some sort of emergency with one of his accounts and he’ll be out of town, possibly out of the country, for a week. Suffice to say I’m already stressed out and nutso and this info has set me on a course for a full blown panic attack.

I don’t know how to deal with all these emotions. Any help or advice would be welcomed!


Not perfect timing and I know it sucks :slight_smile: - first, keep some things in perspective. Your husband loves and cares for you - I’m sure he is just as distraught (perhaps internally :)). Second, use this site during that time, keep in contact. Third, stay connected to your friends and family. Go for walks, drink rooiboos tea, get your nails down, watch funny movies. Arrange a time during the day where you and your husband can have a check-in - perhaps an evening Skype. Would your husband be open to writing you a letter of assurance before he leaves , one that you can read whenever and wherever? 2ww is a hard one, I’m in the second week and going a bit batty. However, I deep breathe, I carry a talisman that soothes my nerves, I have some acupressure points i hold, I go through a mantra. :slight_smile: I can certainly offer an ear. You will be okay. You are a strong woman.


Julia has great advice!

The 2ww is stressful, but make sure to take time to hang out with family/friends. Go out and have fun. Talk to people on this website - it is often where I gain a little bit of sanity (it’s nice knowing others know how you feel and what you’re going through).


Thank you so much for the kind words and advice. I had a lengthy discussion with my husband and he has set aside time in the am and pm so we can talk face to face over the computer. He’s not really one to share his feelings, so the letter was a stretch, but he wrote me a little text message with some words of comfort and support.

I called my sister and she’s coming in from Pittsburgh to stay with me for the rest of the week. My husband also spent the evening planning things for me to do while he’s gone. Thank you again for all the advice, you’ve been incredibly helpful. I’m starting to feel better about this whole 2ww drama.


so good to hear. Greet each day with an open heart and open mind.