Need advice/help


Please can anyone help my husband and I figure this out. My husband and I are both healthy 28 yr olds. Together we have 4 kids from previous relationships. I had a miscariage 2/3/12 @ 7 wks the baby stopped developing @ 4.5 wks. Af is due 2/11/13. We have been actively ttc for a yr now. I havent used any type of birth control other than condoms since winter 2009. I have taken 10 pt since 3:30 2/9/13 12dpo and out of them all 7 have come up with a faint pos. 2 hpt done at home were negative. 1 was done at the er and it was neg. I am having pregnancy symptoms plus some slight cramping on the left side. Went to er to make sure everything was ok.The er let my urine sit in the room for 45 mins before they came to get the sample. They did take blood but 30 mins after they did they sent me home. They never did an ultrasound. When I got home I took another test (1/7 hpt) and it was a faint pos. What can be going on? Am I pregnant? We really want this to be true. I thank all that help in advance.

Positive results came from:
2-New choice
1-Equate (e.p.t.) Taken when I got home from ER…

Negative results:
1-at er
1-New Choice