Need Advise! Encouragement!


I am fairly new here, and have been through one cycle of IVF… my Beta came back 14… docs told me low positives almost never make it to live birth… so we stopped all meds, and geared towards our FET cycle… I had another Beta… it was 5.5… still needed to drop… so I had another beta two days later, and it almost doubled… went back up!! Are you kidding???
I am now cancelled for my FET, and stuck waiting for more LABS!!! Next Friday, so a whole week to just sit and wait… :grr:
Has anyone ever been through this??? PLEASE HELP!!


How many days past transfer are you? And did you stop meds before your beta doubled? Doubled from 5.5 or 14? As long as the beta is rising, you keep fighting for it.


19 days past transfer… i think. if i am correct.

doubled from my second beta of 5.5…
14 was my first one…

so confusing! ahh… :grr:


only meds i am currently on was estrace, told me to stop today… so no more…


If you’ve stopped the meds I dont think the embryos can grow without the hormones. If your RE is telling you to stop meds he shouldnt do more labs that’s just a waste of money is my opinion. When I stopped my meds (my last beta was over 100 still rising but not doubling i was devastated when i was told to stop my meds because few days after i stopped it i could still feel the enbryos stretching but i was also worried about ectopics so i understand how you feel), my RE only want me to come in about 1 week later after stopping meds. I am sorry i am not giving you any encouragement. I just think without meds, embryos cannot grow.