Need Advise... Pls... First Beta


I just got a call from the RE’s office that my first Beta is low… it is 17… :frowning:

Is there any hope that I could still have a full pregnancy?

The NP mentioned that the success rate with such a low beta is less. But there is a possibility…

I am going crazy especially since I got a BFN on HPT 9dp3dt.

Pls help :pray::pray::pray::pray:


Seems to me that if you had a negative hpt 9dp and then a positive beta 11dp then that is a good sign as it just seems to be a late implanter. I know most clinics like to see a minimum of 50 on the first beta, but the HCG has to start somewhere and in these cases the first beta just doesn’t tell you much. You really just need a second beta to make sure it is increasing and doubling within 48-72hrs.

Personally I think it is a good sign that you had a negative just two days previous because had it been positive then that would mean that either your HCG wasn’t doubling very well or would actually have to be lowering depending on which type of hpt you would have gotten a positive on (as the line tests test for min. of 10 HCG and had you had the min. two days previous to your beta then that would mean it wasn’t doubling. And if you took a digital and got a positive then that would mean you would have had a min. of 50 hcg which would mean your hcg was decreasing). SO…it seems to me that you getting a negative on either one is a good sign that you have a late implanter and so hopefully it will double just fine and continue rising.

Sending you lots of :bsv: !!