Need Help! Letrozole with/without Gonal-f+Menopur+IUI



We had a second IUI with letrozole last month, and which ended up to very early chemical miscarriage. My doctor suggested me another IUI cycle with [B]Gonal-f 150IU[/B] (from D6 to D7) and [B]Menopur 150 IU[/B] (from D8 to D11) in addition to[B] Letrozole 2 pills[/B] per day. My AMH is 1 ng/ml. The doctor told me that the success rate with letrozole/injections is 30%, while letrozole’s is 15%.
Since my AMH is low, I think the risk of OHSS is low, but I am not sure the these doses are appropriate, not very high doses. I would appreciate any suggestions and comments on my protocol.
I also want to hear any success story with similar protocols.

Thank you so much for your time!