Need help making a decision please


I really need all of your opinions and advice.

In August I had a retreival and from this retreival 11 went to the blast stage. In October 2 were transferred and it failed. Then in November 3 were transferred and I had a chemical pregnancy.
I have decided that I am going to switch Dr’s. I live in NYC and there are way to many good dr’s here and I am really frustrated with the ones I started with.
So back to the Blasts. All 11 of them were graded 4AA or 4AB, you would think out of the 5 that were tranferred one of them would have implanted and worked. I have 4 blasts left, one of them didn’t make it when they dethawed.
I am trying to decide what to do next. These new doctors say that maybe I should try a fresh cycle where I will create my own estrogen and progesterone instead of doing a frozen embryo transfer. The last time I did the injections I ended up in the hospital with Hyperstimulation so my ovaries are very sensitive. I am nervous to go thru this all again but they may be right about a fresh cycle being better.
But I have these 4 blasts left and I can’t decide so I transfer them first before moving on?
PLEASE EVERYONE give me your opinions, I can’t make this decision alone.


seeing that you have these four left and they are going to need to be addressed, i would be inclined to try a frozen transfer first. you’re this far into it, don’t quit now! i say try it and see. if it doesn’t work, then try your own cycle, but at least you’ll have tried. -a-


If you go through another cycle why does your doctor think that your uterus will be more receptive. Just because you have some natural hormones in place?

Is there another protocol in terms of getting you ready that they could try before implanting the frozen embryos this time?


Hi there, so sorry to hear of your dissapointments. The whole process is so hard, I also had Ov. hyperstim several times, it is not comfortable. I would certainly use your frozen embs. first, since they are good quality. Can you transfer frozen ones to another doc if you wanted? I might call another clinic that is recommended in your area and ask, just in case. If not, give it at least one final chance before you change. I was frustrated with my clinic a bit, and considering changing when I got my BFP, so you never know. Best of luck



Hello, I am new to the forum “world” but in the few months that I have prepared my DE cycle (12/1), I consider myself quite the veteran. As for you, Keepingthefaith, were you able to speak to your doctor post-IVF to discuss the protocol used and what he/she recommended to differently the second time. As for going to a new doctor and starting a fresh cycle, I would say “beware.” Unfortunately, to many physicians and clinics, this is purely a business, to us, well, you know what it is. Pick yourself up Castle Connolly’s Best Doctors and in there you will find New York’s best doctors. I did. Even if my cycle fails, I know I was in the best hands. Another thought, I have been reading up on why embryos fail to implant, they say it could have something to do with immunology. (I keep hearing about NK cells and implantation failure). I am 9 days post transfer (2 5-day blasts from a DE cycle). If I get a BFN tomorrow, I will make an appointment with my RE and have him test me up the wazoo (is that really a word???) for every and anything else that could possible have made this fail. In the meantime, I would hold off doing anything until you consult with another reputable RE and discuss your IVF history with him (a really good RE is not going to behave like a used car salesman) … they don’t have because they have made their “mark” and have plenty of customers. Well, to end this post, I want to share this piece of news. I went for blood pregnancy test this morning. I called the office at 1:30 p.m. and was told “the machine is broken … no results until tomorrow.” :grr: I am hoping I can post over the weekend and say I got a :bfp: but I am not sure, so far all of my home pregnancy tests are saying :bfn: . Blessing and baby dust to you!!!


Have you ever had a frozen embryo transfer before?
Are you on the slim side? Does your body feel stressed after the stim cycle?
Just something I have learned about MY own body.
I don’t get pregnant on fresh cycles due to OHSS and the stress and my uterine lining with all the stims. I have gotten pregnant with FET, have a wonderful 5 year old boy and I also had a miscarriage with one (sorry to say that…) but every fresh transfer never resulted in a pregnancy for me.
Pls listen to your heart…


Well, FET’s are much easier on your body than a fresh cycle and you don’t have the added worry of OHSS, so I think I’d probably do another frozen cycle before doing fresh again, especially with good embies.

That said, if timing is an issue, success rates with fresh cycles are better, (my odds with fresh were 60%, my odds with frozen were 30%) so another fresh might be a good option if you are wanting/needing to get preggo quickly.

Good luck hun.


What were the results?

Thanks everyone for all the responses. I met with 4 RE’s in NYC all the best of the best, and they all told me I should go forward with the frozen transfer.
Like you mentioned one of them tested me for everything protein deficiencies, blood cloting, chromosomes and a couple of the results came back slight abnormal so I will be starting baby aspirin and a blood thinner injection. I also have low vitamin D and Iron levels. Still waiting on a bunch of results. But to me this is good news because I have a reason why maybe it didn’t work before.
I am going back to my old RE to have the 4 put in I know that sounds like a lot to put in a once but all of the dr’s didn’t think it was that big a deal. I’ll have to reduce if its more then two, if only I was that lucky.
The RE’s also said there is no point of transferring the blasts to another place because there is nothing that place can do to make your chances better.
I am going to have the FET mid Jan, thanks for all your responses. It’s so nice to know all of you are out there caring for people you don’t even know.
Really appreciate it!!! I hope to get a BFP in the new year.
Happy New year everyone!!!