Need help on editing signature


Hi i have tried a few times to edit my sig. I can find where to do it but I get an error BB code is too large…or something like it. I have tried reducing the amount of text but I’m not sure what I am doing wrong…please help :slight_smile:


I have been having the same problem. I gave up but there is a lot of stuff I want to correct with my signature.


How did you edit? I am not finding it in My Profile


go to the drop down by your login avatar )upper right) pick user settings, then click on accounts, scroll down it will be in blue about 1/2 down the page. BUT it wouldn’t let me put 1/4 of what I wanted. I guess it has to be short.


I was able to edit my signature without issue. Where/how/from what device/operating system were you editing your signature?


Does anybody have an answer for this problem? I’m trying to replace one lilypie ticker in my signature with another (so no change of number of characters in my sig) and I’m getting the BB code too large error. Oh, and I’m editing from my PC, which is running Windows 7.