Need help with chart - really confused!


I found this site a few weeks ago and love it! I was using fertility friend, but switched as I don’t believe it’s accurate. For example, ff says that I didn’t o, but you girls tell me that I o’ed on CD26 or 10/28. My LP ranges from 11 to 14 – since I’ve been vaginal charting 4 months ago.

Will one of you experts please help and tell me if I did really o on CD26? I am really confused. On CD 34, 35, and 36, I had random sharp pains on my left side. No spotting, no cramping, but my (.)(.) are bigger and sore. Today, I had a temp rise again, which makes me believe I implanted on CD 37 or 11 DPO. I am too scared to test and have been holding out util 18 DPO, as I don’t want to see another – after 8 mon.

Any feedback and encouragement welcomed! I hope all of you get your BFP!

305a30 Ovulation Charts


I would read the book “Making Babies” and look at the chapter about charting…I’m not sure what your chart means. I was under the impression that pre-ovulation your temps should be really low, and then they spike up after ovulation. But you have high temps before and after the ovulation.