Need opinion about cycle after IVF


ok i did IVF it did not work cause i developed OHSS really bad, so anyway i did not get preg, now im on cd12 of the next cycle , i went for an u/s on cd 8 and i had 17 follies like omg, i have no idea why, anyway so my OB said only 4-5 will get to maturity so try and get preg,so i have been doing BBT and OPKs, well on a normal cycle for me i always have a temp spike and surge either cycle day 9 or 10, well starting cd 8 i started to get a temp spike it went higher everyday for 4 days then today went completely down, Now my OPK tests have been Neg everyday then today it started to get dark it looks like ill surge tomorrow, I hope anyway, i have another u/s this Tues to make sure i did Ovulate cause next cycle im doing a FET, my embryos at transfer were 2BB not very good and i had OHSS, the day after transfer my embies got better and when they froze them they were 4AA, 4AA and 4AB , so im really hoping and praying that this is my first Pos in 15 years i have had 2 preg in my life and both were in Dec so i think the FET in Dec is going to work, I have unexplained infertility but besides me only having one tube cause of the ectopic i had in Dec of 1997, was my last pregnancy i have ever had, I am 35, i want a child more then anything in this world, Can anyone tell me whats going this cycle after IVF, thank you


Hi babycompletesme! I’m on my fourth IVF now, and I find my cycle after each one is wonky, and wonky in a different way! Temps all over the place, ovulate early or late, bleed super heavy or ridiculously light… no predicting it! It’s great news you got so many follicles. Don’t worry, without meds, only one (possibly 2) will actually develop. Good luck on a natural BFP! Hopefully you won’t even need your Dec FET :slight_smile:


Best of luck and sticky vibes!


Well I am on cd 21 and 8dpo, Im hoping that maybe il get pregnant this cycle cause i had so many follies, and my lining has never been thicker then 7mm in 2 years and its 9.5mm now, Also i got my Protocol for my FET next cycle, there doing a medicated cycle, On cd 1 i start Estrace, 6mg a day then U/S and blood work on cd 12 if my lining is thick enough then transfer 5 days later, I only have 3 frozen embryos thats all i got out of my fresh cycle in Nov and i developed OHSS so they think maybe thats why i didnt get preg also they transferred 2BB embryos then 2 days after transfer my embryos went to 4AA right before they froze them im just hoping and praying cause i will never be able to try again, I will never have enough for another fresh cycle to get more embies, But i have a really good feeling about it, I just do, I have un explained infertility but cause i only have 1 tube they think something might be wrong with it, So all i can do is Hope and Pray. Thanks for the comment back, I am new to this site


well im on cd 24 and period is due in 3-4 days but im only 10 or 11 dpo so hoping im preg this cycle otherwise its a medicated FET next cycle, i start Estrace cd 1 then cd 12 have u/s and blood work if my lining is thick enough transfer will be 5 days later on cd 17, and also on cd 12 start Progesterone pills and Prometrium suppos, I had 3 follies drop this cycle cause i just did my fresh cycle in Nov, last cycle and they wanted me to wait 1 cycle to get the OHSS out of my body, I just hope this FET works, during my fresh cycle they transferred 2BB embryos and the ones they froze were 3 - 4AAs i guess the day after transfer my embryos got much better, I hope im preg this cycle but otherwise it will be transfer on X mas eve or Boxing day, I have only been preg twice in my life once in 1995 and once in 1997 both in DEC ,maybe im more fertile then, and my mom had us 3 kids all in Jan and my sister had all her kids in August, So im praying,


Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!