Need opinion on egg and sperm quality (natural conception)


Hi All,

I have suffered from back to back 2 miscarriages but my insurance isn’t ready to order any testing untill its 3. We can’t afford a lot of testing so need some opinions

[B]Regarding Me :[/B] I have always been in best health. Just a year back I was diagnosed of thyroid level of 5.92. REI is giving meds but is there any other better way ?. What if it fluctuates after I conceive ?
2. Though I conceived but never tested positive on ovulation kit. My doctor says it signifies that my ovulation/egg quality isn’t good & I should try taking fertility drugs. I really need some opinions on this. Other then progestrone test, any other tests to check the quality ?

[B]Regarding my husband :[/B] He has a history of being in most extreme and chronic stressful psychological problems (I have read it can cause DNA alterations). He also has pelvic issues/prostatitis (causing inflammation). His sperm volume & count is good but abnormal count is 92%. REI says its fine for natural conception. From our side should we go for any tests like SCSA, Antisperm etc ?
2. Can someone suggest where I can consult or get some tests done at low cost in Bay Area, CA, if REI is not ready to order any ?
3. REI doctor says that my husband doesn’t need any supplements as his morphology is not too low. I need some opinions on this ?
4. REI says that we can go for IUI or IVf if we want. Would it be ok in our case to just opt for IUI without taking any fertility drugs ( as i think it can help getting rid of any inflammation, if any coming from my husband side).
I know that even for normal people there is always a level of risk associated. We just want to ensure that my conception, pregnancy and baby doesn’t carry any risk greater than normal. But not sure what all testing we should considered in the order of priority ?



Hi Riya: I see that you haven’t had any response, though you posted a while ago. Hope you have been able to find information elsewhere! I don’t know about testing, especially in the Bay Area (I’m on the opposite coast!). Thyroid issues though, I’d definitely recommend dealing with that. If you aren’t happy with the meds your doc is giving you for that, or if you just prefer a more natural approach, I’d suggest Eat To Live by Dr. Fuhrman. Though it might seem like a drastic dietary change, both my husband and I can attest that it will really make you feel much better. Though neither of us has thyroid issues, DHs triglyceride and cholestorol levels came down to excellent ranges in just 2 months with no meds. The doctor was ready to put him on medication and was amazed at the difference. My mother has low thyroid problems, and when she lost her insurance (and her ability to pay for Synthroid) she tried taking iodine supplements. Though it didn’t fully compensate for the synthroid, she was much better than with nothing, and managed the symptoms that way for 3 years until she got insurance again.


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